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Industrial Supplies


A highly explosive business

They are used for party balloons, sparkling beverages, the welding of iron, inox steel and aluminium, and aquariology – gas cylinders. Eurotre Srl is an Italian company with extensive experience in the production of those challenging cylinders. The company has never had any issues with its explosive products and is highly respected for its integrity and reliability.


Industrial parts cleaning for problem-free production

For manufacturers, producing their goods and developing new innovations for the market are clearly the top priority. This is where money is made and reputations established. There are, however, more mundane aspects of the manufacturing process, such as machine maintenance, which can be costly and time-consuming but are nevertheless essential for production efficiency and product quality. PERO AG is a leading global supplier of cleaning systems for industrial parts and, for over 60 years, has been partnering with customers to find optimum solutions to ensure problem-free production facilities the world over.


The one-stop heavy equipment shop

Big machinery calls for big components. An excavator, for instance, requires an operator cabin with exceptional stability to protect the occupant from falling objects or in a rollover, all the while incorporating complex electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Only an expert can offer this range of know-how and service – an expert like Fortaco Group Oy. The Finnish group specializes in large-scale steel structures for heavy vehicles and is a complete supplier, from sourcing materials to development and production to final assembly and testing, offering everything machine manufacturers need to build their equipment.


Meeting changing needs

Wikov Industry a.s. has an impressive portfolio of gearboxes and drivetrains for a wide variety of industries. Anticipating a consolidating market where the big players will become even bigger, the Czech company is strengthening its position by further extending its range of products. By increasing the number of standard components that can be easily combined and customized, Wikov will be shortening delivery times and making its prices even more competitive.


The vacuum manager

Nature doesn’t like empty spaces and does its best to fill them. This is what makes vacuum-based handling systems so strong. When the air is emptied from a suction cup, nature does its best to fill the empty space by pulling the suction cup even more tightly against the opposing surface. This is the simple principle exploited by COVAL SAS in its suction-based handling systems. The French company sees itself as a vacuum manager, producing vacuum pumps and suction cups but selling solutions to customers worldwide.


Because safety matters

They can join different materials and combinations of materials. They are essential in a diverse range of application fields as they guarantee safety and security: reliable fastening systems. Fastening systems play a crucial role for almost all engineered products and are an integral part of many infrastructure systems. KVT-Fastening GmbH is a much sought-after partner when it comes to sound fastening systems. The Austrian company is widely recognized for its innovative engineering solutions that meet the most challenging customer demands.


Energy solutions for the future

It is one of these remarkable stories that started at the dawn of industrialization back in the 19th century and is still going from strength to strength today. The roots of Schniewindt GmbH & Co. KG date back to the year 1829 when Carl Schniewindt opened his own business focusing on wire processing. Today, his descendants produce high-voltage resistors and are leading the way when it comes to electrical equipment for energy distribution. The portfolio of the family company in the rural Sauerland area covers heating technology and electric resistor technology as well as energy transmission solutions.


Safe and efficient emptying

A barrel pump is used to empty barrels and other containers safely and efficiently. The global market leader in this technology – and a recognized pioneer – is FLUX. 65 years ago, the German-based company was the first to design and manufacture its own barrel pumps in Germany. Today, the group is a global player with the right pump for every application.


A life cycle performance company

Filtration services and products are vital components for a variety of industries. Some examples of industries that depend on filtration devices are the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, and energy industry. Envirogen Group Italy S.p.A., formerly known as Fluxa Filtri S.p.A., specializes in providing filtration products for a range of businesses in many industries.


From moulds to co-designs

Covering a larger part of the value chain in their industry may enable manufacturers to expand their market position and add value to their products. A good example of this strategy is given by Georges PERNOUD SAS. The French family enterprise is a successful mould maker, with automotive and construction customers across Europe and North America. Now the company wants to start co-designing activities in partnership with its customers to develop from a manufacturer into a solution provider.