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Industrial Supplies


Full service surface treatment

Achieving a perfectly smooth painted surface is impossible with a brush. Industrial surface coating systems rely instead on spray application of lacquers and paints, either as liquids or powders, to achieve a uniformly even layer and a perfect finish. However, the advantage of painting with a brush is that the paint is applied exactly where it is needed. Spraying on the other hand, as the word implies, can be a bit more messy. That is why spray painting takes place in enclosed paint booths such as those designed and supplied by French company OMIA S.A.S. With almost 70 years of experience, OMIA is one of the leading suppliers in its niche.


Competence in coatings

Having started out as a coatings business almost a century ago, the German company brocolor ® LACKFABRIK GmbH has developed into a manufacturer of all types of industrial coatings. Today, the coatings specialist in Gronau in the German state of Northrhine Westphalia is well established as a competent partner for all types of industrial coatings special and bespoke coatings. Backed by its outstanding expertise in the manufacture of coatings brocolor® LACKFABRIK also made a name for itself with contract manufacturing.


Groupe EML – specialised in refractory solutions

Groupe EML follows a full-service approach and covers the whole value-added chain from the calculation, planning, construction and mounting of industrial furnaces. “Thanks to our group structure we are able to accomplish the complete production in-house,” says CEO Rémi Ehrler. “This is an important advantage for our clients as they get everything from one source.”


CFRP – heralding a new era in mobility-driven industries

Today, all industries are subject to several macroeconomic trends at the same time. Amongst others, globalization, digital transformation and energy efficiency have become key words for companies of all sizes and industries. The producing industries especially have to rethink their processes and structures in order to ensure long-term competitiveness. The mobility-driven industries are constantly trying to increase their degree of automation, reduce the weight of their products and components, and move towards energy-friendly production. xperion aerospace GmbH, based in Immenstaad, Germany, is a specialist in the development and manufacture of products made of fiber-reinforced compound materials for the aviation and aerospace industry. Drawing on profound know-how in CFRP components and continuous compression moulding (CCM), the company is ready to transfer its know-how to other industries. CEO Dr. Jörg Kariger sees xperion entering a new dimension in the near future.


Everything runs smoothly

Lubricants are among those products that enhance the quality of finished products, reduce maintenance costs and protect the function of any material as best as possible. They are used in a vast number of industries, with the automotive industry and its suppliers showing a huge interest in high-performance lubricants which can be adapted to diverse industrial applications. For 20 years now, IKV Tribologie has been designing and manufacturing lubricants in line with its experience in tribology. The company’s products are exported to an international customer base.


Leading the way in fire protection

The global charity organization Mercy Ship operates a fleet of hospital ships to bring hospitals and free healthcare to regions where clean water, electricity and healthcare are limited or non-existent. A new 37,000 GRT hospital ship is currently being built which will have six operating theatres, an intensive care unit, laboratory, pharmacy and 154 patient beds. Mercy Ship selected the high-pressure water mist system from Danfoss Semco A/S to protect the ship. The system from the Danish specialist safeguards the hospital, the sleeping quarters and the engine room.


Constant progress

A new technology introduced in one sector can often stimulate innovation in another. A brilliant example for cross-fertilizing technological advances is provided by PROFORM Sarl. The privately owned French company specializes in production equipment for confectionery. When developing a novel approach to candy processing, it also looks to see whether this can be used for other applications such as chewing gum or liquorice, too – and is thus making constant progress.


Superior screening solutions

Materials need to be screened, sorted and refi ned in a multitude of industrial sectors, ranging from food and pharmaceuticals processing to mines and quarries. One of the leading European equipment suppliers in the sector is Cuccolini S.r.l. Recognized as a pioneer in vibrating sieve technology, the Italian company offers high-performance screening solutions that cover all applications down to the fi nest, micrometer separating requirements.


Intelligent system solutions from a single source

The success of Switzerland’s manufacturing sector has been built on a reputation for excellence in technically demanding fields such as watchmaking, precision measuring instruments and optical equipment. One of the world’s leading suppliers of optical systems and components is the Swiss manufacturer FISBA AG. The family-owned company has been manufacturing sophisticated optical equipment in St. Gallen since 1957. Its expertise covers the fields of research, development, consulting and production, allowing it to offer its clients intelligent system solutions from a single source.


Fixed to fit

As the demands placed on energy use and building comfort are constantly rising, buildings are becoming more complex with sophisticated installations for plumbing, mechanical services and electrical systems. This is where Walraven B.V. from Mijdrecht in the Netherlands comes in. The company is a fourth-generation enterprise with vast experience in the development of fixings-related solutions. Designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience during assembly and reliability when operational, the company’s products are successfully sold in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America.


A follower in the best sense

Following the customer abroad is a well-tested strategy, especially in the manufacturing sector. A good example is provided by the white goods industry, which moved its production more and more to the east in the last decade. The Italian Europlastica Group, a major supplier of injection moulded parts to this industry, therefore decided to set up its own plant in Poland ten years ago: EPP Sp. z o. o. Since then, the company has developed into a leading Polish plastics processor with growing international ambitions.


A Titan in titanium

As medicine advances, more and more technology is being integrated to improve people’s lives. Titanium implants in particular can replace patients’ broken joints or strengthen weakened bones. ACNIS International, based in Villeurbanne, France, has made the sale and purchase of semifi nished titanium products for orthopedic implants and medical technology its forté. The company also makes other semifi nished products available, such as rods, plates, sheets, pipes and screws, for a wide range of industries.


Unlimited possibilities

Digital part materialization, otherwise known as 3D printing, is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in the new millennium. The benefits of the digital process go far beyond minimizing waste and saving time. However, as a mass production technique, it is still in its infancy. One of the companies pioneering this revolutionary process is ExOne GmbH in Gersthofen, Germany. Having gone well beyond the prototyping stage, this technology is now ready to come of age.


Pioneering plastics

The modern world would not be what it is without plastics, which are often lighter, less expensive and more versatile than many other materials. PARAT GmbH + Co. KG recognizes plastic’s finer qualities and has made this topic its core business, supplying innovative plastics to revolutionize existing products.


Added value for 60 years

The availability of spare parts and technical services is a decisive factor of productivity: Production standstills due to technical problems are time-consuming, costly and very aggravating. Providing spare parts, technical services and business solutions, Kramp Group has made customers’ work easier and more efficient and grown from a one-man operation into one of the largest technical wholesalers in Europe. Represented in Germany by Kramp GmbH in Strullendorf, the internationally operating enterprise has become a strategic partner to leading businesses in agriculture, forestry and landscape gardening. The earth-moving industry and OEM companies are other parties that put their trust in Kramp as a one-stop supplier offering technology with added value.


Diversification and Innovation

Very few industries embrace product diversity quite like the paraffin industry. Within that industry, Polwax S.A. has continually provided a wide range of products. Its product portfolio and commitment to excellence have led to the continued success of the company. Polwax has been active in the industry for 15 years, employs almost 250 people and boasts an annual turnover of 64 million EUR.


More than profiles

Forward integration is a business strategy aimed at covering a larger part of the value chain by expanding activities in a vertical direction. A prime example for this popular approach is provided by Alu Menziken AG and its new Austrian subsidiary AME Euromotive GmbH. The Swiss company produces high-precision extruded aluminium profiles which are processed further in Ranshofen into high-tech, ready-to-install systems and assemblies for sophisticated automotive and aerospace applications.


Ready to install

It is equipped to handle anything from prototype products and large production runs to precision components and complete, ready-to-install assemblies. And through its Japanese parent company, it has strong tool-making capabilities. Muramoto Manufacturing Europe s.r.o. is the only European production operation of the Muramoto Group, a global player in mechanical engineering and manufacturing with subsidiaries on all continents.


Green high-tech

Ball valves shut very reliably and are very durable and easy to use. They are employed for numerous applications in the oil, gas, power and petrochemical industries and many other processing sectors. A leading Italian and European supplier of ball valves is Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A. The Italian family enterprise has more than half a century of experience in this demanding, high-tech market and has been recognized as the first green company in Lombardy.


Connecting to the future

Due to the technological quantum leaps of the last few years, people are not interested in mere products any more. They demand comprehensive solutions instead. This is true for almost all market sectors. Nestor Cables Oy, based in Oulu, Finland, is experiencing this trend, too. At present, the company is transforming from a mere cable producer into a solution provider. On the basis of this new strategy, CEO and President Timo Jaakkola sees promising growth prospects for the coming years, especially in the security market.