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Trade & Consumer Goods


Going green – going clean

House cleaning is not always about fun; it is a necessity most of us cannot escape. Ecover has taken on the job of creating cleaning products that are in tune with environmental issues and enhance the fun of cleaning. In the past 30 years, the Belgian company has been committed to making the world of cleaning a little greener. Following the merger with the American cleaning company Method, Ecover has become a leader in premium green home, laundry and personal care products. And its global expansion for the sake of ecological cleaning has not yet come to a standstill.


The fire fighter

Fire protection at industrial sites is not just a tiresome obligation imposed by authorities, but it is above all an investment in safeguarding a company’s market position. This is why even huge players in industry rely on a partner who offers the full scope of fire prevention, detection and extinguishment. For more than 111 years, one company in particular has stood out in the fire protection market. Minimax is one of the key companies in this segment. Its French subsidiary Minimax France SAS has been serving the French and North African markets since 2005 most successfully.


Rolling in the deep

Friction is the primary cause of wear in moving parts, so reducing it is the key to extending the longevity of mechanical equipment. A leading Austrian supplier in this area, offering a full range of top quality ball and roller bearings, is COMPENSA Handel Wälzlager Stahl Werkzeuge Maschinen GmbH.


The great outdoors

Hunting is more than just a sport. It also plays a vital role in controlling wild animal populations for conservation purposes and to protect farmers’ crops and livestock. In most European countries, hunting is strictly controlled and carried out by professionals or members of hunting clubs. When professional hunters are looking for the best quality clothing to keep them warm and dry on the hunt, they look no further than Denmark and Seeland International A/S.


London, New York, Rome...

‘Made in Switzerland’ is a quality seal that is acknowledged worldwide. Switzerland is well-known across the globe for its precision work and its handcraft skills. The Swiss watchmaking industry especially is a synonym for state-of-the-art watchmaking technology united with traditional mechanics and top design. Schwarz Etienne SA from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland specializes in watch manufacturing, covering the whole manufacturing process in-house. In the coming years, the company aims to add several functions to the timepieces.


Balancing virtual and real

Retailing has been altered by the advent of the Internet like few other industries. E-commerce opens new markets to the consumer, often with a product palette and prices that are hard to beat. Residents of one-horse towns are no longer forced to travel great distances to find what they are looking for, and there is not the risk of wasting time with the journey only to discover that store does not have the desired product. Harvey Norman, a multinational retailer, is learning to bridge the gap between physical retail outlets and an online presence. The company, with locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, aims to gain market share in Europe.


Fashionable – and functional, too

France and Italy are both countries with a special feeling for luxury products of stylish design. A unique connection between the two is formed by Ambre Italia S.r.l. The privately owned Italian company is part of Montres Ambre SA and distributes the French group’s watches and jewellery in the Italian market. What makes the cross-border cooperation special is that it considers its watches primarily not as functional timekeepers but as trendy fashion accessories that, on top of that, show the time.


Parts that keep business going

Machine standstills and production downtimes have fatal consequences in today’s competitive business world. KTB Import-Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG from Hamburg, Germany, has been aware of the need to maintain smooth, uninterrupted manufacturing processes all along. The company specialises in the procurement of parts that keep customers’ business going: maintenance materials and spare parts, easy-wearing components and equipment for industrial clients worldwide. As a true expert in its field, KTB strikes the balance between supplying large volumes on the one hand and small amounts of each specific components on the other hand.


Travel with style

Whether for business or other purposes, people who travel frequently acquire high quality and functional products and accessories such as cases, totes and wallets. Tumi Inc. with headquarters in New Jersey, USA, offers a broad range of travelling products that meet the high demands of the frequent traveller.


We re-invent trading

Long gone are the times when an open lorry full of scrap used to strive through residential neighbourhood looking for scrap. Of course, you may still find some of them in remote areas. Today, the trading of scrap is an international business directly connected to the stock exchanges of the world. Gemini NV Corporation based in Antwerp, Belgium enjoys an excellent reputation world-wide for adding added value to the raw material business. The company is the world’s largest scrap dealer acknowledged for quality, reliability and social commitment.