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Food & Drinks


A special champagne for a special occasion

When it comes to choosing a champagne that stands out from the rest, Champagne Henriot SAS fits the bill perfectly, even in a uniquely exclusive field. Of the big-name houses in the Champagne wine-growing region, it is the smallest, known for the discreetness of its presence and the satisfyingly high quality of its champagnes. A family-owned winery in the eighth generation, it can trace its heritage back to 1808.


Flavours of the times

Salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami – these are the five traditional tastes our taste buds respond to. Each one has a specific function: Some are appetizing, others are aversive, and two great tastes sometimes do not taste great together. innotaste GmbH in Krefeld specializes in natural flavours and is a much sought-after supplier of the food and beverage industry. The company is the food brand of the C.H.Erbslöh group, a family-owned specialties distribution company in the fifth generation. Since the beginning, innotaste has followed a distinct vision: to focus on carefully selected products and partners.


Quality food is for everyone

While Chinese businesses are slowly but surely invading the African market – a young, dynamic market with growing potential, European companies are in danger of missing their chance. Few of them seem to realize that emerging African countries belong to the markets of the future. Jobeco B.V. in the Netherlands is definitely one of the few that have taken notice. The Dutch enterprise has its eyes on the African market, offering quality food products at affordable prices. Emphasizing their belief in everyone’s right for quality food, they aim to counteract the mass exploitation that is currently taking place throughout the continent.

Interview with James Collier, Co-Founder and Head of Nutrition of Huel

A complete and healthy meal you can grab on the go

What do you grab on the go during lunch if you are hungry but only have little time? A sandwich and crisps from the supermarket might be the answer. British company Huel has a different approach. Huel is convenient and complete nutrition. We talked to Co-Founder and Head of Nutrition James Collier and found out how Huel can provide vitamins and nutrients the body needs, how to prepare the perfect shake and why we should think about the way we eat.


Mozzarella – the mild-mannered superhero amongst cheeses

Soft, creamy and pleasantly acidic, mozzarella may not pack the pungency of a long-matured hard cheese like parmesan, but its versatility has made it a central ingredient in many classic Italian dishes. Its melting elasticity is integral to the texture of pizza while its creamy softness contrasts perfectly with the acidic bite of tomatoes in insalata caprese. The most prized mozzarella is DOP Mozzarella di Bufala Campana made from buffalo milk produced in the province of Latina. One of the biggest producers of buffalo mozzarella is Francia Latticini S.p.A., a family-owned company specializing in a wide range of dairy products, all of which are made with respect for tradition, the environment and social responsibility.

Vivelys SAS

“Design your wine”

Winegrowers all over the world face major challenges. Every year, they have to create wines with consistent aroma, structure and body from raw materials that differ in quality from harvest to harvest. The French company Vivelys SAS is helping wine producers meet these challenges by designing distinctive, repeatable wine profiles.


Investing in tradition

The olive tree, Olea europaea, is an ancient plant of the Mediterranean with its symbolism rooted deeply in ancient Greek mythology and even before. Some olive trees still alive today have survived millennia. But beyond its mythical character, the olive tree is also an all-round talent when it comes to the use it has for us humans, one of them being the olives themselves. Italian company Granata Antonio & c. Srl combines old tradition with modern technology, processing olives and delivering typical Mediterranean flair to our tables.


Passion for the farming industry

Farming makes sure that humankind is supplied with food. However, consumers often do not appreciate the hard work of farmers and others involved in this industry. In particular livestock breeding is subject to a genuine price war, and smaller companies are having a hard time competing in the market. However, firms such as MRT - Ludwig Leidmann GmbH do their best and work with passion to fulfil the needs of their customers.


Secrets of a successful winery

A good wine does not have to cost a fortune; what really counts is quality. While with expensive wines this is a given, many wines in the middle price range are also of fantastic quality. Italian cooperative Cantina Aldeno Soc. Coop. Agricola produces wines in both segments, and irrespective of the price, the cooperative aims to constantly raise the quality of its wines and maintain its position among the market leaders.


A more than stable business

They are an indispensable part in food items; responsible not for taste but for consistency. They smoothe the texture and give body to the food. In short – food stabilizers are a must. Condio GmbH from Werder is a widely-recognized partner of the international food industry as it develops and produces tailor-made stabilizers and food ingredients that are 100% natural.


Milled to perfection

Every home baker knows that ordinary cake-making flour cannot be used to make a successful loaf of bread or strong bread flour to bake a moist, soft sponge cake. Just as there are horses for courses, there are different flours for different baked goods. Producing the right texture flour with the right gluten and starch content for a specific baked product relies on skills that are no longer widely taught. They can, however, be found in the GoodMills Group GmbH, Europe’s largest flour producer.


Hitting the sweet spot

Chai is a traditional Indian, sweetly spiced, milky tea that has exploded in popularity amongst western consumers in recent years. Recipes vary, which is part of its appeal, but the instant chai latte powders produced and distributed by KAV America Europe have clearly hit the sweet spot. The company’s Chai Latte East Indian Spice was recently bestowed two gold stars in the Superior Taste Award 2019 from the International Taste Institute in Brussels.


Small bean, big impact

Meat is in the firing line for all sorts of reasons. From its links to cancer to its impact on the environment, it seems we should all be eating less of it. As more people respond to calls to reduce or even eliminate meat from their diets altogether, demand for high-value sources of plant protein are rising. This is the area of speciality of EUROSOY GmbH.

Interview with Jiro Kambe, Owner of KALI TUNA d.o.o.

Fresh Farmed Tuna fished from the Adriatic Sea

Omega-3 fatty acids have been making headlines with their myriad benefits for the body. With growing interest in improved health and diet, so grows the demand on the world’s already overfished oceans, as oily fish in particular are an excellent source of Omega-3s. The solution: ecologically farmed fish. KALI TUNA d.o.o. takes ecological tuna farming seriously. European Business spoke with Owner Jiro Kambe to find out how the company combats overfishing and where the tuna farming industry is headed in the future.


Why passion can make a difference

There are organic farmers who operate their business only half-heartedly to make a quick profit. Others put their whole heart into it to establish organic farming as the only ‘natural’ method of agriculture. The edible oil producer Ölmühle Moog GmbH definitely belongs to the latter group. The company is currently introducing a new brand named after the company’s founder (in 1984).


Genuine Genoese focaccia, just like home-made

Flour, water, oil, yeast and salt – simple ingredients, so it seems. If the quality of these ingredients is good, in the hands of a skillful baker the outcome can be amazing. Panificio Pasticceria Tossini 1 S.p.A., headquartered in Recco, Italy, is synonymous with just such outstanding results. The company combines artisan production with the most modern conservation techniques to maintain the genuine freshness of its focaccia.

Product Interview

air up: Fragrant air for flavoured tap water

Water with taste, created solely through fragrance: This is what air up promises. The bottle is fitted with a pod, which sends fragrance into the throat. How exactly though, does bland tap water get to taste of lemon or apple? We asked founder Fabian Schlang.