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Chemical Industry


Inking a specialization strategy for success

Generalist or specialist? A broad portfolio of products serving many client sectors, or a focused product range aimed at specific industries? The fundamental decision on whether to diversify or specialize is one faced by many companies when they are considering strategies for growth, or even for survival. In the ink manufacturing industry, Danish company Resino Trykfarver A/S also pondered this issue long and hard, and decided that, in a very competitive industry, specialization was the way to go. This decision proved to be the right one, and today Resino is a leading player on the world stage.


Fuelling the future

Despite the recession in the oil and gas industry, there are young and ambitious companies that have been growing since they were founded. Building a solid position among the fuel giants, they are a welcome inspiration to others. Solumus was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Płock, Poland, with an additional office in Warsaw. The privately owned company trades diesel, biodiesel and gas, and has a subsidiary, Solumus Gas, that focusses on wholesale and retail sales of LPG. The founders are now looking for a strategic business partner, an investor with a matching vision for the company and the market in the future.


It is our job to improve things

For a multinational like DSM, sustainability is not just a ‘must do’ or mainly linked with financial gain, but it is a business driver that helps boost sustainability and erase malnutrition and global warming. The business unit DSM Resins & Functional Materials is dedicated to ‘Shaping a sustainable coatings future. Together.’ It supports the coating industry with resins that allow for sustainable coating technologies – thus limiting the use of harmful solvents and toxic raw materials, and focusing on reducing carbon footprint where possible.


Innovation drives us

It is all about tremendous efforts in various industries and a mass of superlatives when one looks at Silcart S.p.A. from Carbonera in the Treviso region. The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in two years’ time and until then new innovations will be launched in order to document the supremacy in the sector of flexible facings for insulating panels and of underlays for various roofing solutions as well as synthetic and minerals facings materials for the building sector and general industry. This broad approach is clear proof of Silcart’s flexibility and has paved the way to the company’s global success.


Coat by coat into the future

What do pylons, home appliances and food packaging have in common? They are manufactured, and much like everything else that needs to brave daily wear and tear, they are coated. Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken b.v., a Dutch paint and coatings company and a pioneer in the field, was bought by the Hempel Group in December 2014 and thus entered international markets. As the small business goes large, it is now looking at its past achievements and the opportunities generated by the buyout. Schaepman demonstrates how a careful transition works and how to cope with growth while maintaining close customer relations.


Powering a sustainable future

Power generation in a post-nuclear and post-fossil fuel age is one of the key challenges facing the world. Climate change and geopolitical tensions are forcing an increase in investment in alternatives. While wind and solar power offer the most environmentally sustainable option, they cannot meet demand fully. There will always be a need for fuel-based heat and power generation. The sustainable options here include waste-to-energy units and biomass plants. In a market leaning ever further towards renewable fuel sources, energy utilities are turning increasingly to companies like Leroux & Lotz Technologies SAS in France.


Flame retardant mineral fillers

Mineral fillers are commonly used to impart flame retardant properties to otherwise easily flammable compounds such as rubber, paints and plastics. Non-toxic, non-corrosive alumina trihydrate (ATH) and boehmite (AMH) halogen-free flame retardant and smoke suppressant fillers are two of the most widely used compounds for this purpose. TOR Minerals International is one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic mineral fillers. Headquartered in Corpus Christi in the US, the company has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. In Europe, sales and production are managed through TP&T (TOR Processing & Trade) B.V. which is located in Hattem in the Netherlands.


A paint solution for every need

When choosing the right paint for a residential or commercial location, there is much more to consider than just the colour. Industrial paint applications need to be able to hold up to and withstand various extreme situations, while floor coatings need to be extra resistant due to heavy amounts of machine and foot traffic. Libert Paints, headquartered in Ghent, has the right paint solution for every need. Whether it’s finding the correct industrial, protective, floor coating, exterior and interior building or even hygiene-related paint, the company, which has more than 140 years in the business, has you covered.


Fast-curing clear coats hit the private label market

Poland’s paint and coating market has seen a phase of rapid growth over recent years. New companies are entering the market and established players are planning new investments. Chemical Alliance Polska Sp. z o.o. (CAP) is one of them. The Polish-German joint venture company is synonymous with high-class coatings for the automotive refinish sector and focuses on private label production.