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Transport & Logistics


Almost 50 years of maritime transport services

Cargo vessels and ships have made globalization possible. Today, the container ships transport about 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide and there is no alternative to sea freight. Arriva Shipping AS, with headquarters in Ølensvåg, Norway, is a family-owned shipping company, providing flexible and reliable maritime transport services.


Driving the wheels of warehouse automation

Planning a new warehouse or refurbishing an existing one is a complex task. Rows of racking and a few fork-lift trucks are no longer enough; warehousing today is a sophisticated business. Automation offers a multitude of opportunities, and manufacturing industries in particular are keen to take advantage and optimize their warehouse facilities and operations. Weland Solutions AB in Sweden is a leading supplier of warehouse management and logistics solutions. Its expert staff develop customized systems which help its clients streamline not only inventory management and logistics, but their entire production process.

Interview with Aat van der Meer, Managing Director Benelux

Fast delivery: “Who knows how fast we can ship within 10 years?”

DACHSER Benelux is part of the family-owned company DACHSER SE, founded in 1930. DACHSER, headquartered in Kempten, Germany, is one of the leading logistics providers and has its mission to create the world's most intelligent combination and integration of logistics network services. The DACHSER business model comprises transport logistics, warehousing, and value-added services in two business fields: DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics and DACHSER Road Logistics. We talked to Managing Director Benelux Aat van der Meer about cultural differences, technical developments and how logistics will look like in ten years.

Interview with Anne Mellano, Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations at Bestmile SA

Seamless mobility for every mile

Bestmile is sure it can deliver an optimal vehicle-agnostic transportation solution to every logistics problem, be it a taxicab company or a delivery service – and in so doing, the firm provides a glimpse into the future of traffic itself. European Business spoke with the company’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations Anne Mellano about the most common inefficiencies her service encounters and fixes, how Bestmile keeps its data safe from intruders, and what major changes the near future will hold in store for the transportation sector.


Train travel for rural riders

It is no secret that traveling by train is better for the environment than every passenger driving their own individual car and is often a much cheaper option than owning and maintaining a personal vehicle. However, convenience still plays a big factor in why many travelers choose to get around with their own private form of transportation. Tag i Bergslagen AB, located in Sweden, has tried to tackle this problem and aims to be the most convenient method of travel for the public. Partnerships with the Swedish Transport Administration and IKEA have helped the firm offer the best services to its customers.

Interview with Lauri Jouhki, Managing Director of Metz mecatech GmbH

E-scooter: moover scoots to new heights at Metz

For a long time, Metz mecatech was known for its camera accessories. Today, however, the medium-sized company is making a name for itself with an e-scooter that aims to provide its users with clean, uncomplicated and independent mobility in metropolitan areas. European Business spoke with Managing Director Lauri Jouhki about the key developments in the company's history, the potential uses of his electric scooter, and why, despite his ambition, he does not want to replace the bicycle.


Fluid movements

If the chemical industry moves dangerous goods by road, it has to meet the strict transport regulations which apply to packing and transport. For the transportation of liquids, chemical companies team up with the transport specialist Franz Fischer Spedition GmbH in Nienburg in the north of Germany, who supports their needs in handling hazardous goods. The freight forwarding company is familiar with even the most challenging transport classes for hazardous goods and keeps a close eye on environmental and cost aspects at all times.


International transport at its best

The international transport sector in Europe is facing serious challenges. Finding excellent drivers is an issue for any company focussing on road transport. On top of that, the European Commission is undertaking actions to make mobility safer and cleaner, leading to new regulations and a CO2 emissions standard for heavy-duty vehicles that will affect every transport company from a cost perspective. KOIMEX S.A. is based in Świebodzin in Poland and specializes in international road transports along the axis France – Germany – Poland. The company is well equipped to meet the new European regulations.


Customer-focused transports

When it comes to moving goods long distances, rail transportation is rightly seen as the most environmentally friendly solution. A train pulling 20 wagons can transport the equivalent of 40 lorries’-worth of goods. Every extra wagon pulled by a freight locomotive means several fewer heavy goods lorries on the roads. The environmental aspect is just one of the reasons Stefano Ghilardi, General Director of Pol-Rail S.r.l., a joint venture between the Italian and Polish state railways, believes that greater investment in rail infrastructure is long overdue.