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Interview with Aron Gelbard, founder and CEO of Bloom & Wild

Bouquets as a go-to gift on a mobile

Who doesn´t know this feeling of having a beautiful bouquet at home but you don´t have time to buy them as a surprise for your loved-ones or yourself? The British company Bloom & Wild has the solution. They offer a flower delivery service. We talked to founder and CEO Aron Gelbard about the meaning of flowers and how they make sure flowers are available all year.

Interview with Leif Wartacz, Regional Sales Manager of Elfa Distrelec A/S

A company on the move

From humble beginnings as a family-owned, Swedish based company, to the successful adoption into the Datwyler portfolio, Elfa Distrelec is now one of the leading electronics suppliers in Europe. Since 2008, the company has undergone rapid growth in response to the needs of their newly merged supplier and customer networks. Their promise: to deliver a truly personalised customer experience.


Vaping the way to a smoke-free future

The rise of e-cigarettes or ‘vaping’ is to be welcomed as studies have shown that the risks of consuming nicotine by inhaling vapours produced by an e-cigarette are much lower than those associated with inhaling the smoke produced by burning tobacco. It was the desire to wean his two sons off smoking that encouraged Didier Martzel to begin his research into e-cigarettes in 2005 and register his first patent for a ‘cigarette substitute’ during that year. Three years were necessary to set up Gaïatrend’s foundation, followed by the launch of its first e-liquid brand named Alfaliquid in 2010, under the aegis of his eldest son, Olivier.


The smart alternative in urban traffic

Paying attention to sustainability is key in a very wide range of markets, as younger generations make different choices in their lives. For a relatively young company in a sector that is growing fast, the challenge is to keep pace. EcoRide AB started at the right moment and is continually improving its offer of electric bicycles. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, and has production and assembly sites in Sweden, Poland and China. With about 100 employees worldwide, EcoRide realizes a turnover of about 10 million EUR by producing and selling its own brand in the Nordic region and producing e-bikes for OEMs elsewhere.


Loyal customers and boosted sales

The packaging has a huge influence on the sales of a product. In particular, luxury products need to have appropriate packaging that not only protects its content, but also attracts the attention of the consumer. Promotional objects can increase brand loyalty and boost sales. Manifesto Factory, based in Paris, is a preferred partner for luxury brands in the promotional objects and packaging sector, offering a broad range of high-quality packaging solutions and customized promotional objects such as bags, purses and accessories for the luxury market.


An old, new, green packaging solution

As a product container and delivery system, the humble aerosol can is hard to beat. The fine mist created when its pressurized contents are released covers the surfaces to be treated or cleaned evenly and completely, while its aluminium or tin plate body is completely recyclable. The only hiccup on its path to domination came in the 1990s when the CFC gas used as a propellent was linked to damage to the ozone layer and banned. Today’s cans contain environmentally friendly alternatives that are just as effective. Group Riem S.P.R.L. has been making products in aerosol cans since 1963 and remains as convinced of the benefits of this technology as it was then.

Interview with Judith Borowski, Chief Branding Officer (CBO) at Nomos Glashütte

Making up for lost time

For centuries, the small German town of Glashütte, which is nestled in the mountains south of Dresden, has been producing some of the world’s most sought-after timepieces. Employing the same techniques of mechanical watchmaking that have been passed down through generations, Nomos Glashütte has reinvigorated the town’s beloved tradition. European Business sat down with the company’s CBO, Judith Borowski, to learn more about how Nomos applies local know-how to create its world-renowned watches.

Interview with Philippe Santi, Executive Vice President of Interparfums SA

Knowing what’s hot in the world of luxury fragrances

If you have a successful brand, as the wisdom goes, you should make the most of it. For many in the fashion industry or celebrity world, that means cashing in with their own perfume. However, creating a marketable fragrance takes a lot more than having a successful brand image, although, according to the experts, that is certainly a good place to start. As hundreds of different scents and fragrances battle it out for a share of what is now a 25 billion USD market, European Business spoke to Philippe Santi, Executive Vice President of Interparfums SA in France, which holds a respectable 2% of this lucrative market, about what it takes to come out of this business smelling of roses.