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Interview with Tuomas Mustonen, CEO and Founder of Paptic

Bold ideas put into action: Paptic’s new formula to define paper

While the use of plastic is being prohibited in more and more applications, from carrier bags to straws, paper cannot step in to replace the material altogether. With his company Paptic, Finnish entrepreneur Tuomas Mustonen wants to take advantage of these market changes and offer a coherent and sustainable solution. European Business spoke with Mr. Mustonen about the technological innovations involved in the manufacturing of his product, the entrepreneurial challenges his start-up faces, and his vision for a (nearly) plastic-free future.


New name, same smile

The TUI Group is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world. It owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores as well as nine tour operators based in Europe and Scandinavia. One of these was Star Tour AS in Norway, which was responsible for serving customers in the entire Norwegian market. Having been part of the TUI Group since 2000, the company changed its name to TUI Norway on 1 November 2016. The Norwegian arm is a leader within the group in terms of its use of digital technology. In the Scandinavian market, 80% of all bookings are made online or via mobile phone apps.

Interview with Melanie Hawken, CEO and Founder of Lionesses of Africa

Women entrepreneurs roaring ahead in Africa

It takes exactly one million African female entrepreneurs to transform Africa into a stronghold of free enterprise. When this magic number has been reached and the next generation of women entrepreneurs is in the starting blocks, Melanie Hawken, CEO of the network Lionesses of Africa, will have achieved her goal. Her network already comprises over 600,000 members and counting. And some of them are writing impressive digital success stories in cooperation with German companies, as Melanie Hawken reveals in an interview with European Business.


Stitching with a successful thread

The fashion world is synonymous with ground-breaking ideas; developing new trends and designs are what keeps the wheels of the fashion industry turning. However, the concept of trailblazing does not end with the style of the clothes that appear on the catwalk or in high street stores; the materials they are made from are often equally innovative. Italian firm Manifattura Italiana Cucirini SPA has been supplying sewing thread to garment manufacturers for over 40 years, and continues to create new, cutting-edge yarns with unique characteristics to meet the exacting demands of fashion designers around the world.

6 qualities of a good boss

Good bosses, at least in our perception, are unfortunately hard to find. Bad bosses, it seems, are more often the case. There are several qualities that almost each of us has per se. Therefore, it isn’t all that difficult to be or become a good boss. We’ve put together 6 qualities of a good boss.

10 passe-temps qui vous rendent chaque jour plus intelligents

Nos passe-temps sont souvent la contrepartie importante du travail et procurent la détente nécessaire. Néanmoins, certains passe-temps offrent bien plus qu’un simple équilibre au travail. Nous vous présentons 10 passe-temps avec lesquels vous combinez la bonne humeur et le jogging cérébral efficace en jouant entre vous.

0028_10 qualities of people with high emotional intelligence

An intelligent demeanour is important for success in both business and personal life. This demands more than just expertise or a high IQ. Emotional intelligence is also crucial in terms of personal success. Below are 10 qualities of people with high emotional intelligence and the advantages they bring.


The definition of luxury

Leather is the last word in luxury finishes. Beautiful yet hard-wearing, sophisticated yet contemporary, this natural material is the only choice for the luxury car sector, where only the best will do. The best in this case is Wollsdorf leather supplied by Wollsdorf Leder Schmidt & Co. GmbH in Austria. The leather manufacturer was declared Global Tannery of the Year in 2014 and prides itself on the quality of its products. A leading supplier to the luxury car sector, it makes no bones about its absolute focus on manufacturing a premium product. Every stage of the manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality controls, from the selection of the rawhides to approving the finished stitched part. The reward for such painstaking attention to detail is a client list that reads like a who’s who of the luxury automobile sector.


A clear leader in semifinished acrylic products

Medium-sized, family-owned companies like Findeis GmbH in Kirchlengern form Germany’s famed ‘Mittelstand’. These companies are credited with providing the backbone supporting Germany’s powerhouse economy. Findeis GmbH is a good example of the type of company that bases its success on entrepreneurship, hard work and a sense of social responsibility. It was founded by husband and wife team Willi and Bärbel Findeis selling semifinished plastic products from their modest garage. Today, the company provides employment for 55 people, and its management has passed into the hands of their daughter Bettina Diestelhorst-Findeis and new CEO Torsten Hertel.


Fast and flexible packaging

Efficient product packaging enables effective distribution and protects food products over a prolonged shelf life, thus helping to reduce food waste, and contributes to the efficient management of resources, thereby benefiting the environment. In addition, the packaging material serves as a visual presentation of the brand and provides consumer convenience. A leading manufacturer of flexible packaging material on the Scandinavian market is the Swedish company Scandiflex Pac AB.

7 things you should never say at work

They are part and parcel of the working day but some things you say can have a serious tendency to grate on people’s nerves.


Wellness for all the senses

Modern life is hectic and stressful. The modern malaise of too much to do and too little time to do it means that high-flying executives expect to pack as much into their free time as they do in their working day. For those wanting to take relaxation to an entirely new level, SPA4 GmbH in Austria has a completely new concept on offer. For its hotel and spa customers in the four and five star plus categories, it offers a complete service for the creation of highly individualized spa and wellness areas that promise guests an experience that will transport them miles away from the stresses of their everyday lives.