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11/2018 - 3. Cost of living and working life

How high are the costs of living and how long is the working life in Europe?

11/2018 - 2. Life expactancy

Life expectancy is a statistical measure of the average time an organism is expected to live.

11/2018 - 1. General information

What do you need to know about Europe?

11/2018 - Infographic Europe

We have put together interesting facts about business and work in Europe.

A question for Frédéric Collignon

As every private swimming pool owner knows, safety is paramount. Common sense dictates that pools should be fenced off or covered, to ensure that children in particular do not come to any harm. Effective covers also help to retain the temperature of the water and thus reduce the cost of heating the pool or the discomfort of swimming in cold water. CJ Plast, headquartered in Loriol in the south of France where long, hot summers are the norm, is perfectly located to understand the qualities needed for a good pool cover. The company manufactures the plastic profiles used to construct some of the most effective covers on the market.

A question for Cesare Guidorzi

InterSystems is a global leader in health information technology. In Italy, InterSystems specializes in the area of healthcare IT, hospital information systems (HIS) and healthcare information exchange (HIE) and offers the following solutions in the Italian market.