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The power of fitness

Exercise is the miracle cure that, if it came in pill form, would make doctors everywhere rich. When so many of the health problems suffered by sedentary populations in affluent countries could be assuaged by simply getting up off the couch, it is hard to understand why more people don’t exercise more. As with many things that appear simple on the surface, there are a lot of factors at work that mean, that, for the time being, couch potatoes outnumber fitness freaks. One company, however, is trying its best to change that fact. The Basic-Fit chain of fitness studios espouses a philosophy that seeks to expand access to the power of fitness.


Vienna – a great city to live in

This year, Vienna toppled seven-time winner Melbourne from the top spot in an annual global liveability index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. For Wien Holding GmbH, this recognition of Vienna’s superior quality of life is a welcome pat on the back for the efforts of a unique public private partnership.


Keep track

Long gone are the days when a watch told you nothing more than the time. Today’s watches are high-tech devices – especially when it comes to fitness trackers. Simply speaking, they measure motion, but in fact they are a must-have and the ultimate accessory for anyone who enjoys running and fitness. Polar is one of the most established GPS watch and heart rate monitor brands in the world. The Finnish company aims to help athletes understand, track and improve their sporting performance. Polar Electro France SAS is Polar’s French distribution company located in Cergy close to Paris.

Interview with Tibor Lak, Manager and Finance Manager at Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

Putting Budapest on the map for prestigious events

The size and versatility of an arena makes it an ideal venue for large-scale events such as sports competitions, concerts, exhibitions, and conferences. From an organizational and financial perspective, managing such a facility is complex. The Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, known as the BudapestAréna, is no exception. European Business spoke with Manager and Finance Manager Tibor Lak about the strategy and success of the arena management team.

Interview with Olivia Newton-John, Co-Owner, and Gregg Cave, Director and General Manager of Gaia Retreat and Spa

Travel and tourism are becoming faster than reality itself

There are places in the world that captivate body and soul alike. One of these unique places is the Aboriginal Bundjalung Country hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, which is home to Gaia Retreat and Spa. European business talked to Co-Owner Olivia-Newton John and Director and General Manager Gregg Cave about the meaning of “Gaia”, meeting guests’ expectations and the real meaning of travelling.

Interview with Hennie van der Most, Dutch Entrepreneur and Investor

DGA’s and major shareholders deserve our respect

At the age of 23, he opened a used hardware store in his parents’ barn. The entrepreneurial spirit has not let go Hennie van der Most since. Over the years, he has become a talking point in particular with spectacular projects in the entertainment industry. European Business spoke with the Dutchman about his own career, the fundamental virtues of an entrepreneur and the motivation behind founding the DGA Network Nederland.

Anytime is the perfect time to visit New York

There must be a reason that the Wellington Hotel New York, which is over 110 years old, is still one of the most popular and successful hotels in the city. Maybe it is the sumptuous building and décor, perhaps it is the outstanding service offered by its experienced and dedicated staff, or it could be the incredible views it offers of the city that never sleeps. Most likely, it is a combination of a whole range of factors which, together, add up to an unrivalled hotel experience. Director of Sales and Marketing Lucille Yokell, gave European Business her perspective on the Wellington Hotel’s popularity, and reveals one or two insider tips.

Interview with Paul Stoneham, CEO at Helly Hansen AS

140 years of innovation

Established in 1877 by a Norwegian sea captain who was determined to create gear that could better withstand the elements, the company’s namesake, Helly Hansen, unwittingly ushered in over a century of innovation in the field of outdoor technical apparel. This year, the company will be commemorating this monumental landmark with the unveiling of a 140-piece collection to honour his legacy. European Business reached out to Helly Hansen’s CEO, Paul Stoneham, to find out more about what makes Helly Hansen the preferred brand for professionals working in the world’s harshest environments.


Taking tourism to the next level

In today’s busy world, people are actively seeking out a healthier work-life balance. With unemployment low in many parts of the world, workers embrace their holiday time and want to make the most of their time off work. This is especially true for the Millennial generation. Millennials and others are driven more by experiences than possessions. Tourism Group International, headquartered in Amsterdam, understands this evolving mindset and offers its clients the best time for their money. Being active in just about every area of tourism in the Netherlands and abroad allows this company to offer unique experiences.

Interview with Andy Murray, Owner, and Norbert Lieder, General Manager at Cromlix Hotel

Keeping the balance is the key to success

Time never stands still and change is constant, but sometimes it is an art to step outside of time and create something unique as in the case of Cromlix Hotel, Scotland. Andy Murray - US Open, Olympic and Wimbledon champion - took over the country house close to his hometown of Dunblane. Opened in 2014, it soon became a much sought-after, five-star destination. European Business talked to Andy Murray and General Manager Norbert Lieder about the importance of home, exceeding success and the quality of the hotel’s own tennis court.

Interview with Mr David Stepetic, General Manager Hotel Gili Lankanfushi Eco Resort

A timeless haven found

Gili Lankanfushi Eco Resort in the Maldives is located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is also on the frontline of climate change with rising seas threatening the pristine beaches and lush scenery that are prized so highly by visitors. European Business talked to General Manager, David Stepetic about the resort’s twin commitment to sustainability and guest comfort.