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Chemical Industry


Purifying the future with green chemistry

Production processes today are often extremely complex and high tech. Combined with manufacturers’ stringent demands for maximum quality, cost effectiveness and minimum environmental impact, this adds up to a significant challenge for process equipment suppliers. In operations requiring liquid separation and purification process, the French company Eurodia Industrie SA is relentless in its pursuit of innovative solutions which meet the most demanding specifications in a range of industries across the world.


High performance food hygiene

Food production is a hugely diverse industry, however one common theme underpins the entire sector: hygiene. The risks posed by inadequate cleanliness are enormous and also potentially costly. HYPRED based in Brittany in France supports food producers across the spectrum with a comprehensive range of innovative hygiene and cleaning solutions for safe, high quality food as well as products for improved farming performance.


The wheels go round and round

Ideally, they improve surface properties such as appearance and make unique eff ects possible; at the same time, they enhance resistance to corrosion or scratching: Industrial paints and coatings are inseparably linked to the most diverse industrial applications. Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH in Berlin is an internationally leading supplier of premium coating systems. Many global players are thrilled by the company’s innovative solutions.


Keeping animals healthy

Today, people are more health conscious in many ways, and this largely includes the food they eat. It would then make sense that there is growing concern for what animals are fed, especially those that are regularly consumed by humans or produce products that humans consume. AVEVE Biochem NV, part of the AVEVE Group, is an expert in enzymes and microbial regulators for the animal nutrition industry.


The beautiful colours of leather

Leather is one of the most versatile materials used for clothing, shoes, furnishings and upholstery. However, it requires the right tanning and finish materials to let the leather shine in all its glory. Ikem Srl is the address for a total portfolio of products that support leather processing and finishing. The family company has built up a sound reputation in the global market, serving leather processing industries as far away as South America and Asia.


Chemistry makes the difference

As a dynamic business engaged in a challenging international market, DutCH2 BV, a chemical trading and distribution company based in Purmerend in the Netherlands, operates in an exciting, fast-paced environment. DutCH2 serves customers in more than 70 countries across the world, all of them presenting unique economic and political challenges for traders in this field. With its diligent and professional service, the company has developed a strong reputation for quality products with fast and efficient delivery.


The premier polymer provider

Polymers and resins are so ubiquitous in everyday life that most people do not even recognize their presence. From paint to electronics to paper and automotive, materials engineers apply polymers to different products to alter their properties, for instance to change their temperature sensitivity, water solubility or transparency. Polyscope Polymers BV based in the Dutch city of Geleen is the world’s number one when it comes to polymers, compounds and solutions, and the research, development and production of SMA copolymers. Founded just ten years ago, the company plans to expand its knowledge and thus its leading position.


A forerunner not a follower

Lubrication primarily focuses on diminishing friction. Oily and greasy fluids are used to lubricate and cool the metal work sections when they are subjected to processes such as grinding and milling. Another important benefit is corrosion prevention by protecting surfaces from water and other corrosive substances. Bellini SpA from Zanica in Italy is a much sought-after producer of lubricants that is well-known for its future-oriented spirit. Now, the company is ready to rock the market with green lubricant solutions that are ahead of the market and incorporate great potential.


An ally in separation – a Hungarian company provides multinational services

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources, and because it is used in countless industries, its impeccable treatment is essential to ensure that the water can be reused safely. Without treatment, the water might contain chemicals, heavy metals or other contaminants that are hazardous for human consumption. Budapest-based Allied Solutions Central Eastern Europe Ltd is a leader in applications of technologies for industrial and municipal waste water and effluent treatment, sludge treatment and drinking water purification. The company is also involved in numerous projects in many other sectors such as mining, mineral processing and the paper industry, where generally liquids and solids have to be separated.