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Industrial Supplies


Counting on competence

Surface-mount technology (SMT) has become increasingly popular over the last few years as it meets the ongoing desire of product developers to create products which are portable, lightweight and small in size. It is a complex technology that progresses at rapid pace. In this highly competitive market, optical control GmbH & Co. KG from Weißenohe sets new benchmarks. The company develops X-ray-based component counting solutions that save costs and time, that are second to none, and that made optical control a veritable pioneer in the market.


Perfect combination

Quality, made-to-measure products, outstanding customer orientation and fast, reliable delivery – what sounds like the perfect combination of critical success factors is daily routine at Zelmotor Sp. z o.o. Based at the heart of Europe, the Polish company supplies electrical motors to major home appliance firms at home and abroad.


Unique solutions for each customer

When selecting a supplier, particularly for complex products, it is natural to assume that a company which specializes in a product area or sector will offer the best solutions. Not necessarily so: diversification brings a host of benefits which a speciality company simply cannot match. Headquartered in the United States, LORD Corporation is a global company with a diverse portfolio of products serving many industries; providing tailored solutions and customer intimacy are its greatest competitive advantage. LORD Suisse Sarl, located near Geneva, serves as the headquarters for LORD’s European operation.


Streit Groupe: Ready for the next generation of engines

Streit Groupe, headquartered in eastern France, has created a strong foundation for worldwide success. The company specializes in custom-made machined metal components for the automotive and other industries. A long history as a family enterprise, and the support from majority shareholder, the Taiwanese MeiTa Group, are the pillars of the company’s development.

Interview with Ales Strancar, Managing Director and CEO of BIA Separations d.o.o.

Better Purification, Faster

For BIA Separations d.o.o.in Adjovscina, Slovenia, the unswerving commitment to Gene Therapy has finally paid off in the fact of the company’s success. After a decade of patiently staying with their decision, BIA Separations is now the leading developer of monolith technology and the exclusive producer of CIM® chromatographic columns for the chromatographic purification, production and analysis for large biomolecules.


From the entrance to the exit

After German reunification, many businesses from Western Europe established manufacturing bases in the East to benefit from lower production costs. NIEROS Metal Tovarna opreme d.o.o. is an example that it can also work the other way round. Focused on custom-engineered stainless steel products, designed for equipping any industrial processing facility from the entrance to the exit, the Slovenian company emerged from a German manufacturer as the result of a management buy-out initiated in the aspiring Eastern European country.


Growing the future, one tree at a time

Sustainability is nothing new. The word has pushed its way into countless headlines and the concept has been woven into the fabric of many firms. However, it takes a truly special company to take this idea and make it an ever-present reality. Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA, headquartered in Sweden, has made all areas of its forest-related business sustainable while having a clear focus on innovation and the exciting future of the industry.


A partner for life

Medical engineering, car-making, industry and telecommunications are the main sectors to make up the core customer group for Matulka electronic GmbH. The family-owned company, based in Nördlingen, in the Bavarian district of Donau-Ries, Germany, specializes in the production of electronic devices and the services surrounding this production. Customers of Matulka electronic value the familiar atmosphere, high quality and flexibility of the company.


A balanced approach to air control

This summer’s heatwave has challenged air-conditioning and ventilation systems to the limit. The high temperatures outside have sent people scurrying for the nearest air-conditioned space for relief – usually a shopping center or public building. But commercial and industrial premises have been feeling the strain of keeping climatic conditions at a bearable level, too. Ventilation and air control specialist F2A in France knows all about keeping cool with products and services designed to regulate air flow and acoustics in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial interior spaces.


With operations excellence in focus

Due to globalization, a vast array of goods is transported around the world every day. The packaging industry makes bulk transportation of those goods possible. Signode Industrial Group is a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging with activities around the globe and a broad portfolio of trusted brands such as Burseryds Bruk from Sweden.