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Interior & Garden


The future is electric

Electricity makes the world go round. Clean, safe and instantly available, it is hard to imagine modern life without it. Behind the convenience of our plug-in-and-go society lies a huge infrastructure bringing the magic of electricity into every home, public building and workplace. The final connection is the domain of BACHMANN GmbH & Co. KG, a family-owned, medium-sized company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of electronic components and systems. Its innovative power management solutions provide the basis for a sustainable future.


The future of flooring is here

When remodelling or building a new home (or project such as an office, store, shopping mall or school, etc.), what is at eye level and above is immediately thought about. The walls, the paint, the light fixtures and the windows. However, one of the most important and striking parts of the home, the floors, can sometimes be an afterthought. mFlor International B.V. is there to make sure your floors give your home or project that extra ‘wow’ factor.


Opening the door to success

Amongst the many decisions facing homebuilders, one of the most important is the decision about which doors to install. French automatic door specialist Groupe SAFIR SAS does not make the decision any easier with its wide range of stylish entrance doors and automatic garage doors. While the choice may at first seem overwhelming, on closer inspection SAFIR does actually make choosing the perfect door child’s play. Thanks to its comprehensive product range, it has the perfect answer to any situation, whether modern or traditional, see-through or opaque, horizontal or vertical.


Home is where hülsta is

Defining innovation. Excellent craftsmanship. Sleek durability. These are phrases that easily describe hülsta, a premium-quality furniture manufacturer based in the northern German city of Stadtlohn. Founded in 1940, hülsta turned its humble origins as a carpentry business into a modern production plant that provides its customers with attractive, creative solutions for living and sleeping. hülsta draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration to maintain the highest of standards, consistently deliver fresh ideas to its customers and uphold a reputation that is synonymous with superiority.


Breathe a little easier

In the present day, people spend much more time indoors than previous generations. More people work in offices, work longer hours in those offices and then come home. Even a large portion of physical activity takes place inside, with the majority of people choosing to work out in a gym or other type of fitness center. Since so much time is spent inside, the air that people breathe becomes even more important. Fläkt Bovent Sp. z o.o., located locally in Poland and globally in a variety of other countries, is there to help keep your indoor life healthier, more comfortable and more productive.


Illuminating ideas

Perfect lighting adds a perfect atmosphere. Lighting is not only functional but creates a certain mood. By using different lighting combinations, the same room can take on a whole new look. Due to the complex nature of lighting, purchasing the perfect light is still a mystery to many people. They are well advised to look for a lighting specialist such as light11.de GmbH.


The Mission: Impossible team

In the retail sector, first impressions count, which is why such emphasis is placed on getting store layout and appearance right. Shopfitting is the area of expertise of Raboud Group SA in Switzerland. The company has more than than 30 years of experience in the field of general layout design and the construction of shop interiors and exhibition stands. The family company is active on behalf of clients throughout the world and is headed today by the founder’s two sons and Commercial Director Thierry Coutaz.


Spot on!

The lighting in a home can change its entire atmosphere. The perfect lighting transforms a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. STATUS Srl develops and manufactures perfect lighting solutions – harmonious symbioses of technology and aesthetics.