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Transport & Logistics


Much more than pallets in, pallets out

In recent years, many large and even global enterprises have discovered the advantages of locating operations in Central and Eastern Europe. A good location, and a skilled yet relatively low-cost workforce are just two of the benefits that postal and logistics concern DHL hoped to leverage, when the company established DHL Supply Chain in Slovakia, a subsidiary of the supply chain division of the German company which is owned by Deutsche Post DHL Group.


Bringing patients the miracle of life

Since the first successful organ transplant was carried out in 1954, many thousands of patients have received new organs and a new lease of life. Now as then, the process by which these life-saving operations can take place is a complex one, with time remaining a critical factor in their success. That is why organs and surgical teams often make the journey to patients by the fastest means possible, which for long distances is by plane. Charter plane operator Oyonnair SAS is approved for medical evacuation flights and organ transports and is proud of its role as a mercy bringer.


A better tomorrow for trade

Moving people and cargo over the seas has been done since the first boats were built. Today, shipping goods by sea is the most environmentally friendly way companies can use to transport large volumes at one time. However, the seas and ports continue to become more crowded with each passing decade. This is why it is increasingly important for businesses to move goods in the most sustainable way possible. Furetank Rederi AB, headquartered in Sweden, has been active in the industry since the 1700s and is currently outfitting its fleet with planet-friendly vessels.


Build your own rail bogie

There are some rail car builders who also make their own, basic bogies. ELH Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle GmbH & Co. KG, in contrast, is focused exclusively on bogies. At home on rails around the world, the company specializes in custom-built bogies and innovative services such as a web-based configurator enabling customers to build their own bogie.


Choosing the right mode

Rail freight transport plays a crucial role in creating a sustainable and competitive transport market. It offers huge environmental gains, as an average train carries approximately 50 times more goods than a truck, yet generates significantly less greenhouse gas emission. For these reasons, the European Commission has been very active in proposing restructuring the European rail transport market in order to strengthen the position of railways vis-à-vis other transport modes. Trasporti Pesanti Srl could benefit from those efforts. The Italian logistics company concentrates on intermodal transports of steel products – rail transports and others.


Support in business

The logistics sector is one of the most important pillars of today’s economy. It has enabled globalization and gives people access to goods from all over the world. However, the market is changing very fast and the logistics and transportation companies need to adapt to those changes if they are to remain successful. O.K. Trans Praha spol. s.r.o. has faced this challenge and has become one of the five leading providers of logistics services in the Czech Republic. The company has been active in the market for more than 25 years, winning over many clients.


Specialists for temperaturesensitive transports

It is a rare phenomenon in the highly competitive logistics industry: H. P. Therkelsen A/S is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Danish forwarding company manages road transports across Europe and is a leading provider of temperature-controlled groupage services for a wide range of goods, from foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals. The secret behind the family firm’s success over a full century lies in effectively managing change: recognizing upcoming challenges as early as possible and adapting to new market and customer requirements.


Connect faster, further, everywhere

Long gone are the days when only public radio and television services were available. While terrestrial broadcasting is still one of TDF’s core competences, the French operator of neutral and open infrastructures has restructured and diversified its portfolio in order to tackle the challenges of modern telecommunications, both now and in the future. When it comes to television and radio broadcasting services, co-towering and the laying of fibre-optic cables, TDF has established a unique mix of products and services that have catapulted the French company to the top in its designated markets.

Interview with Gerald Mayrhofer, Managing Director of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL Spedition GmbH

Trustworthy, honest and fair

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL is a Hamburg-based provider of shipping and logistics services. The company’s mission statement is ‘first-class global logistics’. It reflects the ambition of a medium-sized freight forwarder that has developed into an international logistics group without losing sight of its roots as a traditional Hanseatic mercantile business committed to trustworthiness, integrity and fairness. European Business talked to Managing Director Gerald Mayrhofer about this counter model to today’s short-termist, profit-oriented corporate world and its significance for the company’s success.