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Trade & Consumer Goods


Stylish household products, headache-free logistics

Retail stores and chains, particularly those in the household goods sector, depend on a steady supply of attractive and marketable products. One of their biggest challenges, given the often limited in-store space and the high cost of warehouse facilities, is to create effective logistics operations that not only store goods safely and securely, but also ensure that products are delivered to the stores on demand, quickly and efficiently. Italian company Pengo S.p.a. offers its customers the solution to both dilemmas under one roof. The family concern specializes in the supply of functional and decorative products for the whole home, and offers a logistics service that takes the headache out of stock and storage planning.

Interview with Swarovski

A world made from crystal

Everything sparkles in the world of Swarovski. No jewellery collection is complete without a little glitz and glamour. Particularly now, at Christmas, the pieces of jewellery in the latest timeless collections are a popular gift idea. European Business put Swarovski in the hot seat and learned everything you could want to know about crystal innovations and revolutionary production technology, special customer requests and major projects such as the Swarovski Waterschool.


New generation, new direction

Many family enterprises pride themselves on their long history and their ability to switch seamlessly from one generation to the next, so that customers barely notice the change. Others take the opportunity of a new generation joining the firm to make sweeping changes. PRINZ Beverage & Food S.R.L. in Italy is a perfect example of the latter approach. When Francesco Corsi took over the reigns from his father, he made far-reaching decisions that transformed the company and created a young and go-ahead organization that is well-prepared and ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Naturally bambou-tiful

The beauty industry has always been highly competitive, but in recent years, the rules of the game have changed. In the past, products were often marketed on the basis of emotion, brands and consumers have evolved. Today, an increasingly knowledgeable and discerning consumer base is fuelling a boom in natural and organic products. In this crowded market, Société Française de Cosmétiques (SFC) Bernard Cassière brand is a pioneer when it comes to skin care products inspired by nature.

Interview with Erno Rubik, Inventor, Architect and Designer

Math and magic packed in a cube

It is small, angular and can become a virtually Herculean task. We are talking about the Rubik’s Cube by the Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik. The world-renowned combination puzzle with its 26 blocks has been available since 1974 and has wound its way through countless hands. European Business spoke with Erno Rubik about the special magic of the Cube, what makes it of interest to managers and the overall future of play.

Interview with Christian Mehling, General Manager of Lista Office Group

Total concepts for the offices of today and tomorrow

Fitting out an office these days is easy: A vast array of suppliers in the market sell furniture to suit every taste and building style. But is it really so simple? Factors such as occupation costs and usage, noise levels, and the need to create a motivating work environment mean that the topic is actually quite complex, and most companies need a helping hand from the professionals to make the most of their office space. European Business talked to Christian Mehling, General Manager of Lista Office Group, a Swiss specialist in the not-so-simple art of creating attractive and efficient total office concepts.


Firing up barbecue sales in Germany

This summer could scarcely have been any better for retailers of barbecues and al fresco dining accessories. It would probably come as no surprise to discover that more sausages have been sizzling over coals this year than in the previous four, disappointing summers put together. But barbecues are not just for sausages – just ask British celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver. Danish FMCG wholesaler and barbecue specialist, Fritz Schur Consumer Products A/S, has partnered with the British TV chef to develop a new line of barbecue briquettes that will be launched next year.


Making people smile

A stall at a flea market in Denmark, where Lennart Lajboschitz sold umbrellas with his wife Suz, was the beginning of the success story of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Today, the group operates more than 800 stores in Europe, the USA and Asia and each week, new stores are opened around the world. With its unique, quirky, fun, and affordable shopping experience, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has conquered the hearts of the people. Also German customers welcomed the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores with open arms and TIGER Deutschland GmbH based in Flensburg has managed to successfully position the brand in the market.


The true team player

Intersport, the world’s leading sporting goods retailer, is known for merchandise produced by a wide selection of reputable brands for the most popular sports. In 1997, Cisalfa Sport and other retailers established Intersport Italia S.p.A., a cooperation of several retailers that has continued Intersport’s tradition of excellence and increased its visibility in the Italian market. Through partnerships with tried-and-true brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as the development of its own private labels, the Bologna-based Intersport Italia is making waves for its unique and collaborative business model.

Interview with Michael Stausholm, Founder of Sprout Europe ApS

You cannot be 100% sustainable from the beginning

What do you do when your pencil turns into a useless stub? You throw it into the trash, right? But you might also plant it into a flower pot and grow basil. That would be a genuine option whenever you use a pen manufactured by the Danish company Sprout. What sound like a gimmick turns out to be a successful business. European Business talked to its Founder Michael Stausholm about the definition of sustainability, taking small eco-friendly steps and why he is the test person for new Sprout varieties at his office.


Smile for the camera

The digital revolution has had its most revolutionary effect on the way people record their lives. Digital photography has left the analogue world far behind so that most people’s entire photographic histories can be stored on their mobile phones and also viewed on them. For photographic laboratories, however, the loss of their traditional prints development services has been replaced with other products. Leading the way with innovative digital picture products is German company CeWe Color which is represented in the Czech market by CeWe Color, a.s.