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Sowing seeds of transformation

Rapid advancements in technology have transformed nearly every industrial sector, particularly the world’s oldest industry of agriculture. By incorporating technical expertise into its state-of-the-art processing facilities in one of Europe’s lesser known corners, Quality Crops Agro Srl has established itself as a leader on the new frontier of seed production. The company has chosen Romania as its home base for seed production due to its favourable climate, rich soils and close economic ties to both eastern and western markets.


Customer communication for the digital age

Keep up or give up: This is the stark choice which companies are faced with when it comes to digitalization. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the sphere of communication. Digital media has changed the face of interaction between businesses and their customers, and many organizations find they are lacking the internal knowledge and experience to stay ahead of the curve. Help is at hand from international business services consultancy Communisis. Clients in Italy and beyond can boost their profits with the help of Communisis’ digital marketing and communication expertise.


Connecting paper with the digital world

While a paperless business world may be the ultimate goal, the current reality is that a massive amount of paper continues to be generated. Nevertheless, huge progress towards digitalization has been made, and a modern-day dilemma for many companies is that paper-based information often needs to be integrated into their high-tech digital systems. Using scanners, this task may at first glance seem relatively easy, but to achieve effective storage, retrieval and systems integration is a highly complex process. Swiss Post Solutions S.p.A., the Italian subsidiary of Swiss Post Solutions AG, is the expert of choice for Italian clients.


Strategy versus reality: bridging the gap

Develop a strategy and implement it: Sounds simple, but many companies struggle to bridge the gap between a well-devised strategy and the reality of executing it effectively in order to reap the benefits. French consultant Meotec SAS specializes in supporting businesses with the tactical and operational aspects of project management and the implementation of a new strategy. Meotec leverages its expertise to help its clients with the practical steps necessary to transform their business and improve performance.


European gateway to international success

There is no doubt that globalization has created opportunities for businesses all over the world to grow outside the boundaries of their own country or even continent. International business creates not only opportunities but also risks; an added complication is the fact that the world in general is becoming increasingly complex and unstable. BK Group Netherlands B.V. offers its global clients a broad range of financial corporate services which ensure that their interests are carefully and diligently taken care of when operating on the international stage.


Enhancing ground handling with efficient support services

The aviation sector worldwide continues to boom thanks to greater efficiency in the air and on the ground. At major hubs like Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, a plane lands or takes off virtually every minute throughout the day, making the pace of turnaround for ground crew relentlessly high with no room for error. KLM Equipment Services BV plays a vital part in this closely choreographed process. As an expert in ground support equipment (GSE), it is an indispensable link in the logistical processes involved in airplane turnaround at Schiphol Airport. It is now gearing up to expand this activity abroad.


Conquering the traditional workplace

Imagine working for a company where Mondays are something to look forward to rather than something to dread. This is the reality for the employees of the Vincit Group Oyj. Being voted Best Workplace in Europe in 2016 has created a lot of buzz around this self-described generalist company. Creating stunning designs and visualizations, developing exceptional software, and providing efficient management consultancy services are what this unique firm offers to its varied clientele. If you want to do things differently and do them better, work with the Vincit Group on your next project.


Creative ideas leading to Rome

Marketing agencies are facing great pressure these days – and constant change. At the end of the day, everything is about speaking the language of the customer. This is exactly what Merlo Spa from Rome has been doing for more than 30 years now. The multi-awarded agency is a highly acclaimed player on Italy’s communication and marketing market and event industry.


Researching for success

Research and Development. They are not as easy a pairing as you may think. Often, research breakthroughs struggle to develop into commercially viable products. The Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM) is on a mission to change that. LCM is a specialist research and development company in the field of mechatronics. Under the leadership of CEO Gerald Schatz, the firm conducts research with a unique focus on integrating emerging technologies into the business model of its client. This approach uses big data and an emphasis on simulation to ensure research prototypes develop into commercially successful products.


Targeted communications strategies

Good communication is clear, concise and to the point. To be truly effective, it must also be tailored to the message and precisely targeted. The development of effective communications strategies is the core business of Italian marketing company, Address SRL in Milan. The company exudes the dynamic, positive and inclusive vibe that exemplifies the advertising sector. Transparency is the top priority of a company that values a job well done far more than enhancing its bottom line.