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Perfecting point-of-sale presentation

Even the best ideas can be improved. In particular, digitalization is presenting new possibilities which, just a few years ago, were beyond the imagination. One company which is really taking the opportunity to develop an already innovative range of products into a portfolio that will change the face of retailing in the coming years, and help supermarkets fight the threat of internet shopping, is POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Bad Salzuflen in northwest Germany. With a new generation at the helm, the family enterprise is introducing new, technological solutions to its range of renowned point-of-sale products.


A clean sweep

Labour-saving devices for the home have greatly eased the burden of housework for modern households but many cleaning jobs still require hands-on effort. Still, there is help to be had in the shape of the cleaning sponges, scrubbers, mops and brushes made by the Italian company Arix S.p.a. in Viadana between Milan and Parma. Next year, the family-owned company celebrates 50 years in the Italian household cleaning sector with brands such as Tonkita brooms, which have become a household name in their domestic market. Although Arix is active worldwide, exports only account for around 13% of turnover. This is its key priority for the future.

Interview with Damir Islamovic, Cofounder of MAG-LEV Audio

Uplifting experience: The turntable of the future

MAG-LEV Audio has designed a record player whose turntable seems to levitate, giving an impressive visual effect. Damir Islamovic, Cofounder of the start-up company based in Slovenia, may concede that vinyl records are a medium of the past, but the company has staked its business on the notion that, given the right approach, they will definitely have their place in the future of music. European Business spoke with Mr. Islamovic about MAG-LEV Audio‘s innovative product, its marketing approach and the start-up culture in his home nation.

Interview with István Tóth, Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft.

Home is where the hearth is

There is something primeval and comforting about a real fire that means people continue to install wood-burning stoves in their homes, even though their heating needs are now more likely covered by a central heating system. Stoves are now regarded as a decorative add-on rather than a primary heat source and this change in perception presents stove manufacturers with new challenges. Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft., István Tóth, talks about why, at 72, he is still happy to go to work.


Mail order the French way

Despite all the grim, Cassandra-like predictions about a dire future for mail ordering against the backdrop of increasing online sales, this special and traditional sales channel is still going as strong as ever. In France, one name in particular has been driving mail order business to new heights. Financière Trésor du Patrimoine SAS is a holding with a number of companies that focus exclusively on mail ordering and online trading, thereby offering a vast range of segments which include objets d’art, historical artefacts, coins and jewellery as well as women’s clothing, menswear, food and wine.


For animals’ welfare

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets, and people around the globe love them. For many pet owners, they are not just animals but members of the family and are treated as such. For this reason, their owners do everything to make sure that they feel good. Food, in particular, has a great influence on the well-being of cats and dogs. Almo Nature S.p.A., with headquarters in Genoa, Italy, offers animal nutrition that is really good for animals, using only the best ingredients. The company’s founder is a passionate animal lover and wanted to develop pet food with a similar quality to human food.


Tools you can trust

Whether completing a small DIY project or a larger commercial endeavour, having the right tools makes the work go smoother, faster and easier. Put your time, money and trust behind a company that is known for its high-quality products and its family atmosphere. A family business, Kubala Sp. z o.o. is headquartered in Poland, and has been making exceptional tools for the construction and gardening sectors for 30 years. You can be confident when working with Kubala and its tools, that the work will done right the first time.


If you water it, it will grow

If you are in Poland and watering the garden with a hose or sprinkler, then it is highly likely that the equipment you are using was made by Cellfast. The Polish plastics processing company is a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, garden tools, gutter systems and soffits in this part of Europe. It enjoys the top position in its domestic market and has strong exports to the rest of Europe and the world. Its success can be attributed to significant investment in its manufacturing capacity and modern technology as well as its human capital.

Interview with Tuomas Mustonen, CEO and Founder of Paptic

Bold ideas put into action: Paptic’s new formula to define paper

While the use of plastic is being prohibited in more and more applications, from carrier bags to straws, paper cannot step in to replace the material altogether. With his company Paptic, Finnish entrepreneur Tuomas Mustonen wants to take advantage of these market changes and offer a coherent and sustainable solution. European Business spoke with Mr. Mustonen about the technological innovations involved in the manufacturing of his product, the entrepreneurial challenges his start-up faces, and his vision for a (nearly) plastic-free future.