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Interview with Kristian Solheim, Founder and Chairman of Cutters

Cutting Time, Hair and Cost with Cutters

Cutters will give you a hassle-free haircut in 15 minutes for a fixed price of roughly 30 EUR – no matter, if your hair is long or short, curly or straight. Kristian Solheim’s company, founded in 2015, has taken the Norwegian market by storm, with women and men flocking to his venues in equal numbers. European Business spoke with Mr. Solheim about his company’s rapid expansion, some advice he would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs, and why he stays relaxed about potential copycats.

Interview with Roxanne Varza, Founder and Entrepreneur

Roxanne Varza – a daughter of the Silicon Valley takes off to a flying start in Paris

At 33 years of age, Roxanne Varza can look back at an extraordinary career – her work at the top of numerous startup organizations has earned her a place in the top 30 rankings of renowned magazines such as Business Insider and Vanity Fair. Her previous employers include French public initiatives and Microsoft. Frenchwoman by choice, she studied in the US, London and Paris. Currently, she is the director of the largest startup campus worldwide, Station F, and as a sideline, she supports women in the tech startup community. In an interview with European Business, she talks about Station F, the role of women in the startup community and her love for France.


Securing the future with technology

With the complexity and value of manufactured products increasing, and the new opportunities offered by technology and digitalization, industrial security is today incomparable to the days when someone sat in a guard house in front of a factory, checking visitors in and out and maybe undertaking a tour of inspection at regular intervals. Security is a sophisticated business and demands extensive knowledge and experience, and well-trained staff. Hungarian specialist S-Group Mid-European Plc. offers extensive and innovative security and facility management services to a broad range of business segments.


Enabling the digital infrastructure

The digital transformation is spurring the installation of broadband fiber optic cables. This trend is not only benefiting businesses and consumers that rely on high-speed internet access but also suppliers of the necessary infrastructure, such as RISA SAS. Specialized in cable laying equipment, the French company is growing by 20% annually and evolving particularly fast abroad. “We have a niche product with very specific features, which gives us substantial opportunities in markets across Europe and beyond,” says Managing Director Martial Pautrat.


Taskforce for special missions

Tanks need to be emptied, pipes to be unclogged, dirty walls to be cleaned – whenever the going gets tough, NORVA24 Danmark A/S is there to help. The Danish company with headquarters in Albertslund is an expert in sewerage services, high pressure cleaning, industrial services, pipe cleaning, and, above all, pipe inspections via remote–controlled camera. Always striving for the best service quality, and with a capable sales team, the company successfully manages to steadily broaden its customer base and stay ahead of the competition.


More than a game

When it comes to professional sports, there is much more than just the sport itself. There are the personalities of the athletes, the fans, the high-profile locations and the sponsors. It is never the team or the athletes who are responsible for their own marketing. Instead, that work is outsourced to a specialized company – a company like Lagardère Sports. The Polish branch of the multinational company cooperates with the Polish Football Association and the Polish National Team to fulfill their marketing needs. Lagardère Sports Poland sp. z o.o. is the market leader in its segment.

Interview with Dr. Jens Wohltorf, Co-Founder and CEO of Blacklane

A place of peace

There are a quite a few transportation services. However, if you value personal service and all-round support, then Blacklane is the right choice. The Berlin-based company with a branch in Singapore considers itself a premium mobility provider these days – with the clear goal of making the journey a pleasant and stress-free experience for its guests. Managing Director and Co-Founder Dr. Jens Wohltorf explains in an interview with European Business his plans for the future, which has already begun at Blacklane.

Interview with Kaarel Holm, founder and CEO of MeetFrank

Make a move in the job market without having to take a risk

Have you ever heard of Frank? He is the guy who will help you to find your perfect job and supports companies their search for the most suitable candidates. Frank is an integral part of the MeetFrank App and after initial success in Estonia, the company has now entered Germany, its largest market yet. European Business spoke with MeetFrank’s founder and CEO Kaarel Holm about the benefits of anonymity when seeking a new position, the reasons for Estonia’s enormous success as a start-up hub and why he believes that the current labor market is an employee’s paradise.