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Food & Drinks

Interview with Joris Wilton, Manager Investor Relations for Takeaway.com N.V.

What’s for dinner?

Fewer and fewer people have time to cook at home but eating out can be equally time consuming as well as expensive. For exhausted workers arriving home tired after a long day, the solution is increasingly to order food in using a home delivery website or app. European Business talked to Joris Wilton, Manager Investor Relations at Takeaway.com N.V., one of the big success stories in the home food delivery market.


Sweet Swiss seduction

Tasty cheese, snow-covered mountains, exquisite watches, the most delicious chocolate, punctual trains and uncompromised overall quality – this is what people all around the globe generally associate with Switzerland. The Swiss are proud of their traditional products – and protect them. The label ‘Made in Switzerland’ is defined by strict rules. One of the companies that easily meets those requirements is Villars Maître Chocolatier SA in Fribourg. Since 1901, it has been synonymous with the finest Swiss chocolate.


The land where lemons grow

It is an image that goes far back into times – from the years when the famous German novelist Goethe travelled through Italy, it was the lemon that impressed him for good. Today, citrus fruits from Italy – and lemons and oranges in particular – are still closely associated with the Italian landscape. Agro Fruit SRL knows all too well about the taste of lemons and oranges that the company distributes to large retail customers in Italy and beyond.