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Transport & Logistics


On the fast track to success

Train travel is one of the most utilized means of transportation in Europe, yet passengers spend little time thinking about the amount of engineering, technology and maintenance needed in order to make the railways a safe place. Railcare Group AB helps ensure a smooth and secure journey through its innovative methods of removing unwanted debris around train tracks. For more than two decades, the railway maintenance company has been delivering efficient, reliable solutions to European customers from its northern Swedish headquarters.


Consolidating rail freight for owners and clients alike

A commercial organization where the owners are also the customers. An unusual concept but one which works well for the shareholders of TCU GmbH & Co. KG, a group of small and medium-sized freight forwarders, shipping companies and logistics firms who use the services of TCU for container transportation from the ports of Germany and other European countries to their final destination. The expert staff at TCU offer an efficient and cost-effective combination of rail and road transport to provide a seamless and problem-free service for all its ‘owner-clients’.


Meeting the European logistics challenge

In Europe like in other parts of the world, consumer expectations have grown along with competition and financial pressures. All these factors combined have made the retail sector more competitive and complicated than ever before. Clipper Logistics KG (GmbH & Co.) in Münchberg, the German base of the Leeds-based Clipper Group, meets the European logistics challenge. Clipper specializes in retail logistics and has the know-how, resources and hands-down approach to help clients in both the B2B and B2C sectors meet the changing dynamics of retail with cutting-edge logistics and solutions.


Toll road savings made simple

For private drivers, toll roads can be costly and time-consuming. For transport companies, however, they are more than just inconvenient: If the use of toll motorways is not managed effectively, costs escalate, and a huge amount of time is lost dealing with payment administration. In an already difficult commercial environment, this constitutes a significant business risk. eurotoll SAS, based near Paris, offers solutions which enable companies to control and optimize their use of 40,000 km of tolled motorways across Europe, with options for integrated technology tailored to customer requirements.


Only the sky is the limit

The year 2016 has been the most challanging in the history of the Small Planet Airlines Group. The charter airline company that has set out to challenge airline business conventions in a big way feels that there are enough boring airlines in this world already. Asking “Why not?” rather than “Why?”, Small Planet Airlines Group has been able to develop a host of possibilities and improvements, along with a business model to offer the lowest prices for European-quality service. At the same time, the “Why not?” approach opens the airline for a bit of fun and the kind of service that goes the extra mile for the passengers.


Nose to tail services

Thanks to their versatility and manoeverability, helicopters are widely used in a variety of sectors. As with any aircraft, service and maintenance are vital in ensuring the safety of the crews and passengers. The world leader in rotor wing maintenance, repair and overhaul is Heli-One, which is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s history dates back to 1956, when Helikopter Services was founded in Stavanger, Norway. Its most recent expansion was the establishment of Heli-One Poland Sp. z o.o. in Rzeszow. It provides service from nose to tail on 13 leading helicopter models.


The link to Northern Europe

In northern Germany, leading ferry operator Stena Line is embarking on a new journey to merge its services in Kiel and Rostock. The new structure will enable the central organization in Rostock to take on increased services, keeping safety and technical maintenance as top priorities, as Managing Director Ron Gerlach emphasizes.


A firm anchor for the shipping industry

While product quality is paramount, in most industries added-value service is equally important. Among the most demanding sectors is the shipping industry where orders are generally on a very tight schedule and an order placed today often means the client really needed it yesterday. Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables B.V. in the Netherlands prides itself on its ability to respond quickly and comprehensively to its clients’ requirements.


Over 500 years and counting

When it comes to choosing a logistics company to help get your products from point A to point B and everywhere in between, size and scope matter. Gebrüder Weiss D.O.O., transports to, from and within every continent. Whether you need to move your products by land, sea or air, Gebrüder Weiss and its subsidiaries have you covered. Get your goods moving today with this trusted logistics partner.