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Growing wider and deeper

When automation is not one’s core business, one requires an independent and trusted partner who is involved in the long run. Process Automation Solutions NV works for major players in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and fine chemical industry, supplying automation and factory automation services. The company is headquartered near Antwerp and owned by the Germany-based PA Group (part of the Canadian stock-listed ATS Group).


Quality on the safe side

The benefits of outsourcing are becoming clear to a growing number of manufacturers in many branches of industry, first and foremost in the automotive sector. Along with recognized advantages such as reduced investments in infrastructure and resources, there are drawbacks, for example the need for more stringent quality controls. This is where AB Serve SAS in Woippy, France, comes in. The company has earned international recognition in the fields of containment, compliance, metrology and workflow logistics, and delivers corrective and preventive services to the industrial world.


From flexible workspaces to stunning cityscapes

When designing a new office building, the focus in the past was usually on its external appearance. Often the goal was to create a prestigious landmark building that would reflect the status of the company that commissioned it and the talent of the architect who designed it. Internal aspects were often a secondary consideration. Whilst external design is still important, there is an increasing demand for flexible workspaces with integrated technology. French architectural practice Groupe Kardham offers a fully integrated service encompassing the whole project from planning application and construction through to interior planning and workspace organization.


The shape of design

The identity of a brand is more than a logo. It is the total composition of elements that shape how a brand is perceived, stands out among competitors and catches the attention, makes a visual impact and can grow and evolve with the brand. Robilant Associati SpA from Milan has focused on brand identity at a very early stage. The Italian brand and design consultancy company considers itself as a kind of “laboratory of the renaissance 2.0,” as General Manager Roger Massimiliano Botti puts it. Robilant focuses on long-lasting solutions and customer relationships and emphasizes working with clients and not for clients.

Interview with Linda Frietman, CEO and Founder of IamProgrez

A Bat Signal for Super-Employees

Think of your (potential) employees as superheroes, suggests Linda Frietman. Her company IamProgrez, based in the Netherlands, has developed a unique approach to help organisations find the employees best suited to their business culture by gamifying the recruitment process. European Business spoke with Ms. Frietman about her outside-the-box idea, the challenges the European labor market will face in the near future and the most striking Bat Signal a company can display to find the best superheroes out there.

Interview with Patrick van Veen, biologist and coach for business management

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of gorillas among the bosses

A chimpanzee’s DNA differs from that of a human by just 1.6%. Biologists and behavioural scientists are devoting themselves to our closest relatives with corresponding enthusiasm. The Dutchman Patrick van Veen has a new perspective on the topic: He is transferring the Apes’ Den to the office! In an interview with European Business, he explains why senior management needs more baboons, why observing can enrich your office routine and why managers should be interested in the wildebeest.


Grand designs

Living space in Luxembourg is scarce and therefore expensive. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Grand Duchy is more advanced than other countries when it comes to energy-efficient building techniques. This is one of the areas of expertise of SIA Architects. The firm of architects is also an early adopter of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Interview with Dave Wallace, Global COO, Member of the Board, and Founder of the Mirum Agency

Changing the digital game

It is hard to imagine that anyone is still unaware of digital transformation. Even the most technically challenged of us owns a smartphone, or at least knows what such a device is capable of. While digitalization offers fantastic opportunities within the business world, most companies need the advice of specialists to leverage them effectively. The choice of digital advisory firms is vast, however, so how can companies identify the one that can best help them? The Mirum Agency, a global digital advisory network, is a leader in the field. European Business spoke to its COO and Founder, Dave Wallace, who has some clear tips for businesses looking to engage professional support for digital transformation.


The inventory experts

The annual stock inventory is a mandatory process and often requires a significant effort, especially in the retail sector. However, it is important to monitor the stocks in order to have a precise overview of the assets of a business. That is why accuracy and reliability are crucial for every inventory. As part of the Ivalis Group, Ivalis Deutschland GmbH, with headquarters in Leipzig, offers inventory services with reliable stock and product identification. With professional employees and state-of-the-art technology, the company has become one of the leading inventory service providers, convincing its customers with high quality and efficiency.

Interview with Olle Nyman, CEO of The Astrid Lindgren Company

Our priority is Astrid Lindgren, not making money

Pippi Longstocking, Karlson-on-the-Roof and Emil of Lönneberga rank among the best-known characters of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. When she died in 2002 at the age of 94, she left an impressive cultural heritage. It was The Astrid Lindgren Company, headed by her grandson Olle Nyman as CEO, that took over preserving her legacy. European Business spoke to him about the fine balance between commerce and culture, the rise of audiobooks and which of Astrid Lindgren’s books is a good read for businessmen.


The art of selling

Selling is the passion of POOL. Die Agentur. and its founder and owner Hubertus von Tiele-Winckler. Through the creation of innovative sales promotion and marketing campaigns, the agency helps its clients maximize sales of products and services. Founded as part of the Cologne Agency Group in 2005, it went its own way in 2010 and is now part of the Blue Agency Network, which was also initiated by von Tiele-Winckler and comprises eleven agencies in total. What sets it apart in a competitive market is a real enthusiasm for the art of the sale.


Providing peace of mind

Security measures are often put in place at the factories of large multinationals, but many of these giant firms contract at least some of the assembly and manufacturing work out to third party contractors. In doing so, the businesses risk a security breach while their products are being processed in other locations. PCO-hlídací služba, s.r.o., located in the Czech Republic, understands this and keeps its client’s goods secure.


The show must go on

In May 2017, Emmanuel Macron became France’s new president. After the results of the election came in he gave his first speech – to a cheering crowd of thousands in front of the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris. During this historic speech, Macron was standing on a mobile stage developed and produced by Europodium SAS. In the past, the Alsace-based company has provided platforms to entertainers and politicians from Angela Merkel, François Hollande and Vladimir Putin to Pope Francis.