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Interview with Alessandro Gino, Operational Director at Autovictor S.R.L.

Lifted up by a complex job well done

Consider the construction of a wind turbine, or a huge silo that has to be lifted into its position in an intricate chemical installation that can’t be disturbed without dire consequences. Autovictor S.R.L. is capable of completing such projects with its dedicated expertise and lifting equipment. It also rents out lifting equipment and is active in special transport. The company is headquartered in San Pietro Mosezzo, just west of Milan. Founded in the late 1960s and expanded by the second generation, the family-owned company now has the passionate third generation on board. Autovictor is ready for further growth in Italy and abroad.


The new power generation - heat and electricity from cutting edge fuel-cell technology

Thanks to SOLIDpower S.p.A. in Italy, there is now another option available when it comes to the question of small-scale power generation and electricity independence. The BlueGEN micro-CHP system (combined heat and power) uses high-temperature fuel cell technology to generate electricity from natural gas with an efficiency unmatched anywhere in the world. Through SOLIDpower’s development of highly efficient, small-scale electricity generators, it is contributing significantly to efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of energy generation.


What it means to be seen

It is no secret that one of the most widely debated topics is the progression of human activity and the degradation of the planet we call home. While many companies remain ignorant about the importance of caring for the natural environment, some make special efforts to coexist with it. Others have made it their mission to preserve the planet as we know it, understanding that our ecosystems are not individually functioning segments but a truly connected whole. Polish company SEEN Technologie sp. z o.o. fights for this universal whole through its business and its measures to protect the beautiful environment we have been given.

Interview with Peter Trautwein, CEO of Aqualonis GmbH

Aqualonis: Converting fog into drinking water

With his CloudFisher, Peter Trautwein has developed a collector that can convert fog into drinking water in remote areas of the world - a device that not even strong winds can destroy. The industrial designer sells his collector through the WaterFoundation as well as via his own company Aqualonis. Mr. Trautwein spoke with European Business about the symbiosis between entrepreneurial and non-profit-making activity, the financing of his projects, and the various possibilities and limitations of his technology.


Innovation creates a giant in anatomic pathology

When a serious, potentially life-threatening illness is suspected, fast and accurate diagnosis is critical so that the most appropriate treatment can be quickly implemented, thereby giving the patient the best chance of regaining full quality of life. Effective anatomic pathology relies on state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, such as that produced by Italian manufacturer Diapath S.p.A., located in Martinengo in the northern province of Bergamo. The company offers a complete portfolio of innovative instruments, reagents and consumables which guarantee total accuracy, reliability and quality of results.


Full service for fruit and vegetables

Belgium Group A. De Witte was founded more than 50 years ago and has been on the mission to deliver high-quality fruit and vegetables from all over the world at its home country. But the company is not only keen on the produce, but also on establishing long-lasting relationships with its clients, as CEO Jurgen de Witte is eager to point out in an interview with European Business.


The race for fiber-optic broadband

In the race to expand high-speed broadband coverage across Europe, the starting gun on another race has been fired: the race to dominate the market. As with all such races, those who get over the starting line ahead of the pack tend to do best. High-speed connectivity specialist CELESTE SAS in France is currently growing at an annual rate of 30%. As well as organic growth, it has swallowed up three of its slower competitors in the last two years.


Economics of quality engineering

The purchase of new machinery is a huge investment for any company, and price should not necessarily be the driving factor: The cheapest isn’t always the most economical solution in the long term. One company that firmly believes in this philosophy is CAMPEN Machinery A/S in Denmark, a specialist in the production of backing lines for the carpet industry.


From insulation to insufflation

Technology has allowed mankind to advance to places previously believed impossible to reach. Among the amazing technologies that have grown common in the world, machines are by and large a chief contributor to progress. Isolfrance™ launched internationally in 2015, and has not looked back since. By specializing in the area of insulation (spraying, blowing, and insufflation), ISOL INTERNATIONAL has been able to emerge as the market leader within the sector in France, and a thought leader within the space globally. Through offering multiple products and product lines, ISOL INTERNATIONAL has created a recognized global standard.


Global brand, local service for innovative solutions

Bringing fruit and vegetables to the market is a complex business. The harvest is just the first in a long series of steps involving not only transportation but also sorting, weighing and packaging, to ensure top-quality produce reaches the end consumer in perfect condition. This requires very careful, yet high-speed handling. Danish engineering concern Newtec A/S specializes in machinery which automates these processes. The company attributes its success to its ability to look both backwards and forwards in relation to partnership and innovation.

Interview with Andreas Both, Sales Director of Telesteps AB

Climb on, you are safe!

Climbing up a ladder, regardless if this happens daily as part of a job or rarely to pick cherries, change a light bulb, hang a decoration or fix the roof, is potentially dangerous and an easy way to injure yourself. The better to be on the safe side with ladders designed and made by Telesteps AB from Sweden. The company’s safe and sturdy ladders are often copied yet still second to none.


The future is electric

If it moves, it can run on electricity. Electrification in all product areas is one of the biggest current trends, and nowhere is this process gaining more attention than in e-mobility. For this vital technology to achieve its potential to reduce harmful vehicle emissions, the onus is on electric motor designers and manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their motors. For Came SpA, the Italian company led by Cristian and Matteo Chilese, the last two years have seen significant investments that allow it to better serve the brushless direct current electric motor market.