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Interior & Garden


Luxury on the high seas

In an increasingly volatile business economy, it is a distinct advantage to be a supplier to a sector that remains relatively unaffected by the ups and downs of financial crises. One such industry is yacht-building, where there are always wealthy individuals who will buy a yacht, irrespective of the state of the economy. Van Styn Marine Plywood B.V. supplies wood to yacht-builders for the smooth and sleek interiors so prized by luxury yacht owners the world over.


Modern designs that light up the room

Architecturally innovative lighting is in high demand amongst corporations and homeowners. In a society in which modern styles are becoming more popular, the lighting industry has seized this opportunity to design creative LED fixtures while being environmentally friendly. The LED lighting industry has boomed in the past several years, leading to a more competitive market for lighting companies. Luckily, Kreon NV has continuously proved its creative abilities and remained a key player in the European and Asian markets. Now, the company is ready to take on even more in 2016.


The world of LED lights

The introduction of LED technology has turned the lighting industry upside down. Modern lamps and lighting solutions are much more energy efficient, and a huge variety of models is available, meaning consumers are spoilt for choice. LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH, based in Tettnang, Germany, has been a well-established name in the lighting market for over 30 years. Against the background of the new market situation, the company shifted its focus from a product perspective to customer orientation.


In love with light

When you first enter an impressive building, many features may strike you: high ceilings, striking colours or unusual shapes. However, the component that often pulls everything together and gives the premises its unique ambiance is the lighting. Light has a huge impact and can make or break the atmosphere. It takes significant expertise to design and produce lighting solutions that really enhance and turn an attractive structure into a truly awe-inspiring one. Modular Lighting Instruments NV, based in Roeselare, Belgium, thrives on such challenges and is in its element when given the opportunity to demonstrate its love of light.


Smart heat

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is making constant progress as regards energy efficiency and control options. Whereas in the past a hotel had to heat the complete building, regardless of occupancy, today it can adapt room temperature individually by linking the heating system with its booking software. One of the leading providers of such smart solutions is Kampmann GmbH. The successful family enterprise is an international HVAC technology leader and is committed to further advancing its export business.


Functional art for the kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. An indispensable part of this room is the cooker hood which should be both highly functional and attractively designed. One of the main suppliers of these appliances in the Nordic countries is EICO AS. The Danish company considers cooker hoods as a piece of art for the kitchen and works together with leading European manufacturers.


Personal expression through innovation and style

As people go about their busy lives, they look for unique and colourful ways to express who they are as individuals. This desire for expression naturally extends to the person’s home. When a person walks into their home at the end of the day, they want to look around and see items, patterns and colours that comfort them and make them feel as if they have entered their own personal oasis. Similarly, when walking into a family member or friend’s home, they want to feel the essence of that other person as well. Graham & Brown BV is there to help its clientele express who they are to the world.


Excellence in form and function

KWC is a traditional Swiss enterprise with more than 140 years of know-how and experience to its name. Specialized in water faucets, the Swiss experts have made a name for themselves as an innovative force in water supply ideally combining advanced functionality and cutting-edge design. Today, KWC is well known for intelligent solutions for the sustainable use of water, and the Swiss experts are well on their way to further increasing their impact on international markets.


Keeping your kitchen fresh

First of all, your range hood has to keep your kitchen free from vapours, smoke and smell. The device also has to integrate smoothly into your kitchen furniture and overall interior design concept. As a result, the manufacturers of modern range hoods have to unite technologies and design. Best S.p.A., based in Cereto d’Esi, Italy, is a leading producer of range hoods worldwide. Innovative strength and an unmistakable intuition for design make the company “best” in class in its field – as the name promises.


On spaces and services

It is a well-known fact that the work environment is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction – the physical environment of a workplace greatly affects the positivity within the company. If people are happy with where they work, they are generally more productive and make fewer mistakes while a poor work environment can slow down productivity and even cause long-term health issues. For this reason more and more companies are cooperating with Amsycom, a specialist for the design and management of office spaces.


Can you dig it?

As researchers have discovered, there is such a thing as an ideal management culture. And it is universal: open, transparent, trusting, vulnerable – contributing to the happiness of everyone involved. This is the management culture lived at Polet Quality Products nv, a Belgian manufacturer of top-of-the-range gardening and construction tools, thus benefitting employees and customers alike.


Sustainable roller shutter solutions “Made in France”

Against the background of the energy debate, wood is being rediscovered by many industries as a multifunctional and aesthetic material boasting a wide range of advantages compared to other materials. The excellent characteristics of the material formed the motivation behind the foundation of Coferming, based in La Bruffière, France, too. The company specializes in roller shutters made from wood. While it works continuously on new product developments, the company is determined to enhance its market position in the coming years.


A world of stunning glass

Glass is one of the raw materials that never lose their glamour. Even after long years of use it is still as stunningly brilliant as it was on its fi rst day. Murano glass in particular has taken on a special role in glass manufacturing for many centuries. With their dazzlingly delicate glass pieces, Murano glass chandeliers made by Vetreria Vistosi bring fun and charm to every interior. The company has found its way into the contemporary lighting market, and today Vetreria Vistosi Srl is one of the prominent names in glass light manufacturing. It works hard to maintain its leading position in the world of interior design the world over.


Products for healthy sleep

Human beings spend much of their lives sleeping in bed. Healthy sleep is very important for our well-being and is affected by many factors. allnatura is an expert when it comes to healthy sleep, offering high-quality and ecological mattresses as well as beds, accessories and other furniture. The company launched its online shop in 2001 as one of the first in the industry, and in May of this year, it was named “Online Shop of the Year” in the furniture sector. European Business spoke with Felix Olle, Representative of the Management Board of allnatura, about the company’s secrets of success.


Putting food into the limelight

Lighting plays an essential role in the retail sector and especially in food retail. We buy what we see, and well-thought-out lighting systems underline the freshness and the quality of the food. It takes a lot of know-how and experience to find the specific lighting solution for each and every product, but the German company BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG provides just that. For more than four decades now, the company has been a proven expert in sophisticated lighting solutions for the food retail trade.