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Keen for responsible footwear

Whether for trailblazing the great outdoors or simply running errands, KEEN footwear has mastered the art of active footwear by providing customers with products that bridge the gap between fashion and functionality. Within just 14 years, the KEEN brand has become the fourth-largest outdoor shoe brand in the world while also establishing itself as a leader in corporate social responsibility. The KEEN company’s open and responsive approach to both product development and sustainability initiatives worldwide has since set the standard for good business practices in the age of globalization.


Spiritual meeting of art and mechanics

Finding a balance between the desire to reflect a rich and extensive history and the demands of the modern commercial world is a challenge faced by many long-established companies, especially family concerns which are often steeped in tradition. Italian watchmaker and jeweller Hausmann & Co. srl has succeeded in effectively combining the two, maintaining traditions while developing into a successful 21st century business.


Innovating the daily grind

A large proportion of the population would agree that the morning just does not start off right without a cup of coffee. What coffee connoisseurs of recent years have discovered is that coffee tastes best when it is freshly ground directly before brewing, whether at home or the coffee bar. Conti Valerio srl and its brand Eureka hold a position in the premium sector for coffee grinders, covering every kind of use, from domestic needs to barista quality. The company’s unmistakable grinders continue to set milestones with innovative developments.


A responsible approach to animal health

Responsibility has always been the keyword for TOLNAGRO Animal Health Ltd in Szekszárd. Responsibility has determined the company’s growth and its development as Hungary’s leading representative of the veterinary pharmaceuticals trade. A product range that meets the needs of veterinarians, pharmacies, livestock farmers and pet owners has gained the TOLNAGRO brand a reputation that is second to none. Reliable high quality, convincing design and efficacy proven in veterinary practice are characteristics that are beginning to open international markets for the company’s products.


Everything for water sports enthusiasts

Water sports such as sailing, motorboating, windsurfing or stand-up paddle boarding have been popular for decades. Especially in these fast-moving times, people need activities where they can escape the wired world. The water radiates a certain calmness and is a perfect place to relax. Bucher + Walt SA, with headquarters in St-Blaise Switzerland, offers a broad range of products and equipment in the sectors water sports, action sports and electronics, so its customers can enjoy a relaxing time on the water.


The modern way to heat with wood

Wood-burning stoves fed with compressed wood pellets are a popular alternative to oil and gas-fired central heating systems as they are seen as being both carbon neutral and efficient. A pioneer in this field since 1982 is French pellet manufacturer Cogra S.A. The company has been instrumental in improving pellet quality and efficiency and, through its activity as a stove maker, feeds its insights into combustion and oxidation into its development work.


The scent of sustainability

For more than 50 years now, toilet cleaning blocks and home air fresheners are the core competence of Deoflor S.P.A. Today, the Italian family business is well-established as a competent partner for the development and manufacture of bespoke solutions for customers at home and abroad including private label solutions.


Getting in touch with nature

The great outdoors – they have never been more popular than these days. Regardless if hiking, mountain biking, skiing or trail running, more and more people enjoy being active outdoors. There is no denying that hiking in nature strengthens the muscles and improves health. Hiking allows you to explore nature, set aside everyday stress and stimulates adrenalin and endorphins to boost your mood and energy levels. Being equipped with walking poles from LEKI Lenhart when hiking is the perfect way to indulge in nature. LEKI is the world’s top player when it comes to pole and glove systems.


Fantasies in fabric

Clothing, upholstery, bedding and more all come to us from the textile industry. Many people are familiar with the phrase, “Clothes make the man”, but clothing is so much more than that. Clothing allows us to express our individual style to the world, and the textiles we put in our homes do the same thing, while providing us with comfort, peace of mind and maybe even a bit of whimsy. When it comes to what people wear and what they choose to surround themselves with, it is a good idea to pick a company that offers exceptional service while giving customers exactly what they want. Jerry Fabrics s.r.o., based in Prague, has been successfully pleasing clients for 15 years.


Pens to challenge the senses

Take a look at the writing instruments on your desk. When you have to sign a document, do you grab the nearest throwaway pen, or do you, like many of us, have a favourite which is a comfortable shape and weight, has an eye-catching design, and writes just perfectly? Maybe you received it as a gift from a business associate, and it, therefore, has a recognizable colour, design and logo. The kind of pen that you would hate to lose and you warn your colleagues not to ‘borrow’. The type of pen made by Swiss company Prodir A.S., which specializes in distinctive, quality pens for the promotional market, soon to be available also in select stores.