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Information & Communication Technology

Interview with Peter Guse, CEO of Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH

“We don’t look for hype which is perhaps profitable in the short term”

When start-ups meet large corporates, it is reminiscent of David and Goliath. The differences could hardly be greater, yet they can be beneficial for both. How that can work is clearly demonstrated by Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH through its platform, grow. European Business spoke with CEO Peter Guse about the role of grow within the Bosch Group, what makes German terms such as ‘Heimat’ so special, and why start-ups are more than just a nice add-on for large concerns.


Fueling innovation and the future

Even though there has been a push toward using more renewable resources within the last few decades, many of the machines and technology the world depends on still run on fossil fuels. Without this energy source, many of us could not drive our cars, cook our food or heat our homes. Since so many rely on either personal vehicles or public transportation to get around, having a fast, easy and safe fuel retailing solution is important and helps keep everyone moving. Tokheim Belgium B.V., a member of the larger Dover Fueling Solutions, provides top-of-the-line fuel dispensers, systems and payment options, service, and project management to its customers.

Interview with Damian Jaume, Managing Director Toshiba Europe GmbH

Beating its own path

When it comes to computers, sooner or later the name Toshiba will inevitably be mentioned. The Japanese company is one of the leading players in the electronics sector, and not just as a manufacturer of notebook computers and television sets. Toshiba Europe GmbH in Neuss, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation and its European headquarters, focuses its attention primarily on an area that is growing in significance across all branches of industry: “Data security is currently one of the most pressing issues of our time,” stresses Managing Director Damian Jaume. European Business spoke to him about the changes happening in the industry.

Interview with Jamel Gafsi, President of Microsoft Engineering Center Paris SASU

Preparing for the digital revolution

As the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft holds an unparalleled position in the computer industry. Having come to prominence at the dawn of the personal computing age with its ground-breaking operating system, it has since diversified its activities across a broad portfolio of business and entertainment fields, incorporating both software and hardware products. Innovation lies at the heart of its success and the belief that anything is possible for those with the vision to dream. One of its dream factories is the Microsoft Engineering Center Paris. European Business spoke to its President, Jamel Gafsi, about the company’s visions of the digital era.

Interview with Valentin Storz, General Manager of Stratasys GmbH, MakerBot Division EMEA

A passion for printing

3D printing is a booming business and has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. The market is expected to grow significantly as it opens many promising opportunities in various fields of application. Prototyping, product development and innovation are the three most common reasons for companies to pursue 3D printing. MakerBot EMEA, based in Rheinmünster in Baden-Württemberg, embodies highly advanced 3D printing solutions that are versatile, reliable and easy to use. General Manager Valentin Storz spoke with European Business about how the company’s 3D printing solutions close the gap between ideas and innovation.

Marseille Police Force selects STid for weapons management and security

Marseille Police Force selects STid for weapons management and security

STid and the City of Marseille are pleased to announce the inauguration of Be-Weapon, the first police weapons and equipment management solution that uses RFID technology.


Creating connections

Social media is a relatively new concept, but it has already become such an essential part of the daily lives of billions of people that it is easy to forget how new it actually is. Individuals and businesses flock to social media because of the free interaction that occurs between people around the globe almost instantaneously. Massive Media Match NV gives people the freedom to interact in new ways, every day.


A talent for all things electronic

When it comes to technological skill and know-how, as the former location of Nokia, Finland is a rich talent base. When Nokia changed its organization in 2012, many of its most skilled engineers found new challenges with Haltian Oy, based in Oulu in northern Finland. Haltian was founded as a one-stop-shop for innovative electronic product development and internet of things (IoT) solutions.