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Turnkey construction and shopfitting

Stationary shops are the flagship of retail brands. They are the place where consumers get in touch with the products, so a thought-out store concept becomes increasingly important, especially against the background of the growing competition from the online market. At least as important as the store concept is its execution, and that is where Schwitzke Project GmbH comes into place. The company based in Düsseldorf offers turnkey construction and shopfitting of retail spaces, being able to accompany its clients from the first idea for a project to the opening of a store and even beyond.


Hailing the convenience of mobile auto repairs

You know the feeling: Your car is washed and polished to perfection, and then it rains. Annoying yes, but no damage is done. However, when the weather plays really rough, it is often a different story. In Germany, hailstorms cause damage to an average of 100,000 cars every year. Getting the dents repaired – dealing with the insurance company, finding a workshop, coping without your car while the repairs are carried out – is laborious and time consuming. Hagelschaden-Centrum Douteil® GmbH makes it simple; it brings its hail-damage repair workshops to customers across Germany, France and Benelux, and takes care of the details.


A match made in Finland

What is the secret to business success? First and foremost it is having the right idea at the right time, but secondly, it is knowing the right people. Contacts are vital in the business world, although making the right ones is not always straightforward. That is where Finnish company Management Events International Oy can help. With a varied programme of invitation-only events, the self-styled business matchmaker facilitates business matches made in Finland and all over the world.


Genuinely remarkable

Illuminated shop window displays are a perfect local vehicle to present your products or services, attract new customers and enhance brand recognition. One of the global leaders in this fast evolving market is VitrineMedia Enterprise. The privately owned French company delivers genuinely remarkable, complete LED and LCD signage solutions for all kinds of outlets, that enable efficient communication and make a lasting impression. On average, its customers – more than 40,000 worldwide – increase their sales by 30%.


Riding the wave of the German property boom

Bavaria and its state capital Munich are home to some of the highest property prices in Germany. As such it is a prime market for investors and property developers, particularly in light of the rock-bottom interest rates currently holding sway. The influx of capital into this booming market is widening opportunities to get projects up and running successfully and allowing developers to cater to all the needs within the market. This is the goal of CV-Projektentwicklung GmbH. The Munich-based property developer has experience in projects of all kinds, from hotels and boarding houses to commercial and office buildings and from individual houses to residential blocks.


Counting on the experts

For many companies it is a serious challenge when it comes to business inventory management. Mispicks, oversells, inefficient processes and out-of-stocks are common issues. Companies all around the globe are challenged with finding the best way to manage inventory in the most efficient and profitable way. All the better if they can rely on competent and supportive partners – experienced specialists such as RGIS Inventur Spezialisten GmbH based in Essen. RGIS has gained an excellent reputation as a highly committed solution-provider.


Stand out from the crowd with innovative in-store marketing

Competition in the retail sector is fierce; in the luxury segment, the battle for customers is particularly intense. Image is all-important, and marketing plays a significant role in the quest to attract customers. Point of purchase (POP) advertising has become more innovative than ever over recent years, and many retailers have turned to in-store marketing specialists to ensure their products are presented in the most eye-catching manner. French company MEDIA6 offers the full spectrum of in-store marketing services, ensuring its customers’ products really stand out from the crowd.


The last mile makes the difference

For most manufacturers and suppliers, after-sales support is a fundamental element of their service. This often necessitates the replacement of parts, and speed is of the essence. Equipment downtime almost always results in a financial loss. The ability to access and deliver spare parts quickly and efficiently is therefore critical. Many companies in France rely on the services of LM2S SAS headquartered in Garonor near Paris CDG airport. LM2S specializes in last mile logistics, a niche market which the company has really made its own in France and is now looking to offer on foreign markets.


The best technical solutions

Buying technical components, materials and advanced equipment is a process that is faced by many companies. What these companies need is help in simplifying this process. That is where Christian Berner AS steps in. This firm with an office in Oslo, Norway, makes sure its clients can concentrate on their core business activities and know that everything else will be handled, including searches and inquiries.