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Automotive Engineering


Top in transmission technology

A transmission or gearbox is a vital part in any motor vehicle as it transmits mechanical power and adapts the output of the engine to the drive wheels. Most transmissions have multiple gears, with the ability to switch between them as speed varies. This switching may be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically. One of the leading experts in this high-tech sector is GIF – Gesellschaft für Industrieforschung mbH. The successful German company is an engineering firm that works for major car makers across the globe, helping them to enhance the environmental friendliness, safety, comfort and economy of their products – a pledge that is underlined by the slogan ‘Gears go GIF’.


In the right gear

When talk is of motors, automakers are no longer talking about merely the motors that drive their engines. Gear motors run many of the systems that make today’s cars fun to drive, great to own and cemented in our lifestyles. Manufacturers who understand how important these systems are to an all-around automobile experience call on the expertise of Unus International SpA, a premier Italian manufacturer of gear motors and one of the driving technological visionaries in its field. From its home in Rivale di Pianiga, Italy, the company is reaching a global clientele.


Automotive components with added value

The automotive industry was one of the industries that was hit the hardest by the global economic crisis of 2009. Not only the OEMs and the producing companies but also the supplying industry suffered from a near-collapse of the market. Now, the situation is stabilising and the competitors are ready to re-establish their market positions. This is also true for Bebusch Hungária Kft. from Oroszlány in Hungary. The specialist for automotive components and metal-plastic applications is determined to enter new markets and to get back on track.


More power, less fuel

With the globalisation of the economy, more goods are being transported farther and more frequently across Europe. According to forecasts, road transport will further grow in the coming years and so will the impact on the environment caused by exhaust emissions. The Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation based in Gothenburg has been a pioneer in developing stronger and more efficient engines for heavier trucks. Volvo has also been at the forefront of reducing the environmental impact of its trucks by increasing the fuel efficiency of engines and exploring new technologies. Today Volvo Truck has succeeded in combing more power with less fuel in heavy-duty trucks which exceed the EU V standards.


All wheels under control

The demands on cars have greatly increased over the past years. The major challenge are the demands on increasing the safety of cars and reducing the fuel consumption. And that is exactly where the Swedish company Haldex Traction AB comes in. Leading the way on world markets, Haldex traction systems for all-wheel drives greatly contribute to enhance the safety and performance of cars and to optimise the utilisation of fuel.