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The world of scaffolding

For almost every building, maintenance or construction project, you need a scaffolding solution. Depending on the height, shape or solidity of the building or plant, the chosen scaffolding has to meet special requirements. If the project is carried out offshore, it becomes even more difficult to find a solution which is easy to erect and dismantle while offering the greatest possible safety for the workers or equipment. This is where Scafom-rux, based in Budel, the Netherlands, comes into the game. Specializing in standard and individual scaffolding systems, the company is well established in the industrial market. Now, it aims to enter new ground.


Living high over Vienna

In Europe’s capital cities, living space is becoming scarcer by the day, and often it requires a new way of thinking to create new living areas. Luxurious penthouse extensions might not be the fi rst choice for everyone, but in Austria’s capital Vienna, there has been growing demand for the conversion of attics into airy apartments, often covering more than one level. Penthouse Construction GmbH is the expert for penthouse construction and renovation projects, offering customized conversion projects to a wealthy, urban clientele.


From liquid to solid

Many corporate Italian success stories are family businesses. This is also true for Pessina Costruzioni S.p.A., one of Italy’s foremost construction groups covering everything from new construction and restoration jobs to financing solutions and infrastructure projects. Over six decades, the company has developed into a solid player in the Italian building sector which is now increasingly looking abroad for additional growth. Its origins can be traced back even further and to a completely different activity: a mineral water supplier established in the 1930s.


Building on expectations

One of the most striking additions to Vienna’s built landscape in recent years is the new campus for the University of Economics and Business. Designed to serve more than 23,000 students, the complex consists of five architecturally striking buildings over a total area of 105,000 m2, making it one of the largest university building sites in the world. The company responsible for overseeing construction was Ingenos.Gobiet.GmbH. Thanks to its experience and expertise in construction management on a host of civil engineering projects, the campus was completed on time and on budget in 2013.


Preserving values

Buildings represent enormous investments in terms of manpower and materials. Their demolition means wasting these investments and the values they represent. Fritz Wiedemann & Sohn GmbH has been concerned with preserving values ever since its founder Fritz Wiedemann, a qualified chemist, started developing chemotechnical products for potable water containers and the sealing and coating of pipe systems in 1947. Today the company with locations in Wiesbaden, Dresden and Munich ranks as a major building conservation, sealing and restoration business whose know-how and technical expertise are appreciated far beyond the borders of its German domestic market.


Building in large dimensions

The construction industry is under great pressure – and this is true for private and public building projects alike. However, an excellent reputation and the power to realize impressive new building and renovation concepts have earned L’Alsacienne du Bâtiment some prestigious contracts that have sent a strong signal to the entire Alsatian region. Its latest coup is the Seegmuller grain silo in Strasbourg that is now being transformed into an international student residence hall and hotel.


New structures – well-tried quality

Sanitary installations are not the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about shopping centers, museums or luxurious mansions. They are of vital importance nonetheless. In Switzerland, GROUPE M is the partner to turn to when looking for reliable service. Looking back on a long history and recently restructured to form GROUPE M, the group of companies headquartered in the Swiss city of Geneva implements new sanitary installations and also carries out maintenance services, always meeting the highest standards of its often prestigious customers.


It pays to be prepared

There is an old sluice in Germany which looks like it is made completely out of stone. That is not the case any longer. During the last restoration, a precast concrete wall was added, which was designed so perfectly that the change is not noticeable. This wall is the work of DUHA Fertigteilbau GmbH. The company is an expert for precast concrete products, prefabricated commercial construction and structural engineering. The German company has already carried out a number of unusual projects.


Removing interior damage

From time to time, landlords or tenants redecorate their homes. However, in case of damage, homes often need more than that, a complete overhaul. That is where the French company CMBB SARL comes in. The home renovation expert in Maisons Alfort near Paris specializes in repairing damage and restoring interiors. Mainly active in the region of Paris so far, CMBB is well on the way to expanding its geographical reach by establishing branches across France.


Croatian excellence in construction

Thanks to its versatile landscape and historic sights, Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Especially the region of Istria draws on a long tradition in tourism. Zagrebgradnja d.o.o. is a wellestablished construction company based in Zagreb. Offering a wide range of construction services, the company is involved in many different projects. In recent years, the construction of tourist facilities and hotels has been a mainstay of the business.


Superb after-sales

Costly equipment, such as earthmoving machinery or complex material handling systems, needs to perform reliably to earn money. BIA n.v. is focused on the top brands in this sector and distributes high-quality equipment in the Benelux and Africa. What truly sets the Belgian company apart from the competition, however, is its unrivalled after-sales service where it employs 75% of its staff.


The new age of architecture

Much like art, literature and philosophy, architecture has experienced a number of defining epochs, such as Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. The modern age of architecture could perhaps be called sustainability, and among its pioneers is Baumschlager Eberle Lustenau GmbH. The company, along with the other members of the international architecture group, specializes in buildings with a long lease on life.

Interview with Willem Bruijn, Managing Partner of Baumschlager Eberle Lustenau GmbH

The future of architecture

There have always been movements in architecture, and each movement is influenced by the social, cultural and economic issues of the day. Postmodern architecture is about building multifunctional spaces that are economical to build, comfortable to inhabit and beautiful to the eye. But most of all, they have to be energy efficient in an age of climate change and soaring energy costs. The new movement that is gradually taking hold represents a rejection of the energy-wasting, steel-and-glass vanity projects of the last century and a return to the solid buildings and traditional materials of the century before it. This movement is epitomized in the architectural style of Baumschlager Eberle Lustenau GmbH.


Building the world of tomorrow

Trilogiport is a multimodal cargo handling platform at the port of Liège, the principal economic center in the east of Belgium. The platform is to be finished this October, with the help of Eloy Travaux S.A. Responsible for major earthworks in the project, the Belgian construction company is building the world of tomorrow by contributing to increased waterway transport, reduced road traffic and attractive investment opportunities in the region.


Swift, efficient and safe

Laying cables along railway tracks is a challenging task requiring specialist expertise and great experience. A declared expert in this sophisticated field is SITS. The French family enterprise has developed two patented, innovative cable-laying systems for telecommunication, signaling and energy applications that ensure highest levels of swiftness, efficiency and safety.


Experts in building technology

Building projects are complex undertakings that involve various different trades on site simultaneously. Communication is therefore vital if these trades are not going to get in each other’s way. That is why property developers go to the Burk Group for their building projects. The family-owned company in Ravensburg, southern Germany, offers all technical building trades from a single source and can therefore coordinate their activities for maximum efficiency.


Transforming public spaces

Due to increasing investments in the public transport segment in recent years, the construction and industrial design sector is on the upswing. A company that benefits from this development is mmcitè+ a.s. based in Bílovice in the Czech Republic. The company specializes in design and construction projects for public spaces and has already won several renowned design awards.


Elevators and components made in Italy

Not many people have the chance to make their lifetime dream come true. Of course, you need a good dose of luck, but even more important is never to lose sight of your dream and to work on its realization with dedication and enthusiasm. Elisabetta Gnudi did exactly this. Today, she is president and owner of Gruppo Caparzo, based in Caparzo, Italy. Her vineyards are recognized for top wines such as Brunello, Rosso di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva.


Shaping the future

Turin in Italy is famed for its classical architecture and its wealth of historic buildings. At the same time, modern architecture sits comfortably alongside period buildings, adding to the cultural heritage of a city that has its eyes firmly fixed on the future. One of the architecture firms shaping the future of the city is Building SpA. The company is involved in both the refurbishment of historic architectural landmarks and the design and construction of the landmark building projects of tomorrow.


Safely moving huge structures

The London Eye, the 135 m high observation wheel for the celebration of the millennium, 2,000 t steel roofs for the Abu Dhabi Airport hangar, a 43,000 t offshore oil platform in Malaysia, the temporary piers and the 2.5 km long steel deck for the 343 m high Millau Viaduct in southern France, the world’s highest bridge, or the world’s tallest observation wheel, the High Roller in Las Vegas, USA: These are only a few examples of extremely demanding lifting, erecting and positioning projects successfully completed by hydraulic systems of Enerpac Integrated Solutions, a division of the US-based Enerpac corporation.