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Industrial Supplies


Creating a signature scent

Pictures, music, good food and interesting textures have long been around to appeal to the senses. Sensory satisfaction is even easier to achieve when combined with the technology of virtual reality. Now it is the turn of the sense of smell. Scents have always been linked to a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Through unique technical innovation, Scentys, based in Paris, has made it possible not only to distribute aroma to create a feel-good factor, but also to use perfume as a marketing tool; companies can now create a corporate identity based on a signature scent which customers instantly recognize.


Picking, packaging and delivering straight to you

In business, time is money. This is why solutions that help to increase productivity and efficiency are not only welcomed by companies in every industry, but are also essential to doing business in the best way possible. Power Tools Distribution NV, part of the Atlas Copco Group, provides such solutions to its clientele. The Belgium-based company offers a wide range of tools, spare parts and equipment that help firms in all sectors do business better and meet customer demands faster. Doing business with Power Tools Distribution means that productivity is increased while quality and performance are never decreased.


Optimizing thermal interfaces

In the competitive world of thermal management it is no longer enough just to produce quality products. In almost every industry clients expect suppliers, as their partners, to offer consultancy and guidance for optimal solutions and a cohesive product range for a systematic approach. HALA Contec GmbH & Co. KG is a German provider of thermal interface materials and integrated thermal solutions on a system level that offers its customers the full spectrum of products and services for successful thermal management.


Purity is our competence

An essential oil is 100% pure nature. Some compare it to a good wine that is defined by its region and terroir. It is true that every pure and natural aromatic raw material used for the production of essential oils, floral waters and natural essences bears the hallmark of its origin. This is a key characteristic of Albert Vieille SAS, headquartered in Vallauris, the perfume region of France, as the family company specializes in the distillation and distribution of aromatic raw materials that are 100% pure and natural.


Entirely luminous

Holophane glass is a special type of clear, moulded glass originally patented in the USA in 1896. The term can be translated from Greek as ‘to appear entirely luminous’, which provides a hint to its preferred use for the production of illuminating appliances. The old-established tradition of making Holophane glass by means of pressure moulding is being carried into the future by the French company Holophane SAS, which employs the highly engineered glass for advanced LED and laser automotive lighting and several other high-profile applications.


Hidden champion

Used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, from railways and shipbuilding to power plants and machine tools, roller bearings are unique pieces of technology which cannot be compared with any other machine component. This is because of their outstanding load-bearing capacity, which far exceeds that of ball bearings. Their production, therefore, has to meet the highest quality requirements, such as those guaranteed by Kugel- und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH – a hidden champion in a highly competitive market.


A strong driving force

Rapid technologies have shaken up today’s world. Telecommunication, for instance, has progressed from telegraph to telephone, from copper wires to fiber optics, from analogue to digital, from wireless to satellite. Now it seems that we are at the start of a revolution in the automotive industry. Petrol-powered cars will probably soon become a thing of the past. FEV Dauerlaufprüfzentrum GmbH (DLP) is constantly facing new challenges – they open up new opportunities for the durability test center.


Highly sophisticated components for Europe’s cars

The automotive industry is still considered the driving force of the European economy, with leading car manufacturers realizing continuous growth. As a consequence, suppliers of mechanical components and modules are also experiencing strong demand and sound sales volumes. CIMOS d.d. in Slovenia is one of the names closely related to the strong automotive industry, as the group and its subsidiaries supply turbo, powertrain and kinematics solutions to the main automotive producers like Ford, Volvo, PSA, BMW, Audi and VW, and their suppliers Honeywell, Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems, BorgWarner Turbo Systems and TRW.