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The lab safety alternative

‘Simpler, Safer’: The message is in the motto. It was in 1968 when François-Pierre Hauville created the first ductless fume hood and set up his own business for the design and manufacture of laboratory filtration products. In the meantime, Erlab DFS SAS with its main seat in Val de Reuil, France, has set new standards in its field and has become the global leader in safe and energy-efficient filtered fume hoods, ductless fume hoods and filtered storage solutions.


The perfect Alpine holiday

It is one of these dream locations that you encounter in films when people are holidaying in the Alps. Wonderful scenery, traditional Tyrolean charm and a huge range of indoor and outdoor activities – even equipped with a football pitch boasting FIFA dimensions, and, last but not least, modern facilities to host company meetings and large events: This is Hotel Seehof. It is a place that has something to offer for every guest and for every season.

Interview with Dieter Kraft, Managing Director of Ontime Courier GmbH

Life science logistics: On time, every time

On-time delivery of goods, whether incoming raw materials or outgoing finished products, is a critical requirement in every industry. When those ‘goods’ are medical samples or live tissue for transplantation, time is more than critical – there is absolutely no room whatsoever for error or delay. Munich-based Ontime Courier GmbH is a specialist in the delivery of medical, pharmaceutical and biological samples and other live materials. European Business spoke to its Managing Director Dieter Kraft to find out about the unique challenges of operating in this niche logistics sector.

Interview with Beppi Fremder, CEO of Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano SpA

Leather lover, risk taker, trend maker

Italian leather goods are fancied throughout the whole world. They are known for their impeccable quality, elegant design, unique style and high-quality craftsmanship. However, the once-flourishing industry has witnessed serious issues over the last few years. Fierce competition especially from Asia and Italy’s economic crisis have been challenges faced by companies such as Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano SpA. The Milan-based company has impressively shown how to overcome difficult times successfully – by concentrating on core competences and values, taking risks and being passionate, as President & CEO Beppi Fremder explains.


How to achieve market leadership – and sustain it

Wherever something has to be weighed, mixed or dosed – be it chemicals, foodstuffs or paints – the name IFA Technology GmbH is on everyone’s lips. As long as it is solid or liquid, the medium-sized German enterprise can handle it. The company’s highly engineered plants and systems are used around the world, in all industrial sectors and for manifold applications. 100% committed to meeting its customers’ individual demands and technical specifications, it has become a global leader in its sector.

Interview with Magnus Gunnarsson, Senior Partner of Procure it Right

A culture of delivering success

Procure it Right (PIR) is a Swedish procurement consultancy that ranks among the top players in the Nordic region. It has earned its strong reputation with an authentic hands-on approach that is valued by its clients all around the globe.


Waste not, want not

Why buy new clothes every season when the world is already overwhelmed with quality garments? In an era in which sustainability is a priority, recycling companies have never been more important. Belgian company, Sematex BVBA, sorts, packs and exports quality second-hand clothing and shoes around the world, contributing to a more sustainable future.


A chain of added value in aircraft maintenance

From an economically challenged state-operated company to a privately owned enterprise benefiting from heavy investment and ambitious plans: Business is booming for JOB AIR Technic a.s. The aircraft maintenance specialist, situated in the Czech Republic, has experienced a true renaissance over the past three years, and is having to significantly expand its workforce to cope with the influx of contracts from clients in Europe and further afield.