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Finance & Real Estate


Conviction-based management and risk control

After the last financial crisis, investors have become more careful. They prefer partners who follow a long-term strategy. Here DNCA, based in Paris, comes into the game. The company is the market leader nationwide in European funds. In the coming years, the finance expert aims to flex its muscles still further and gain ground outside France. Following a sustainable strategy, DNCA will focus on European equities. Only recently, the company’s fund “DNCA Invest Europe Growth”, a growthoriented European equity fund, qualified for the French stock saving program PEA and was rated five stars by Morningstar on the occasion of its third anniversary. Since its public offering, the fund has been showing a performance of 59.78%.


Your property, our responsibility

Real estate management can include a whole range of different activities, from consulting services in the case of sales transactions to lease contracts management through to comprehensive facility management solutions. Yxime covers them all and thus enables its customers, investment funds, insurance groups and other professional clients, to focus on their core business – according to the company’s mission ‘your property, our responsibility’.


Investing in the future

Thanks to better health conditions and medical advances, individual life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 100 years. With this longer life comes the need for more financial security as each person ages. Investment portfolios, pension plans and a good health insurance policy are vital to that security. Skandia Asset Management runs the investments on behalf of several clients, of which one is Skandia Link Lifeinsurance.


Stylish living in Switzerland

The business of real estate is diverse, complex and full of pitfalls for the uninitiated. When circumstances make it necessary to venture into the market, either as a private individual or an institution, whether buying or leasing a property, the performance of the property agent can make or break the experience. First-hand, local knowledge together with extensive experience in the property market is crucial, as is a focus on providing a professional service to customers. In French-speaking Switzerland, the real estate company of choice is Groupe Bernard Nicod.


Trade finance specialists for the future markets

Since the financial crisis of 2007 which finally resulted in a world economic crisis, the financial market significantly changed. Many non-bank players entered the market. At the same time, the traditional banks keep withdrawing from several business fields in order to minimize their risks. One of these fields which are not covered by the banks any more is financial trading in emerging markets. Here, the DF Deutsche Forfait AG, based in Cologne, Germany, comes into the game.


Insured for take-off

An unmanned aircraft flies over a field of corn, mapping areas of weed infestation. Another hovers under a bridge, checking for signs of structural damage. A third swoops over a crowd of spectators and films a sporting event. Drone technology was never far from the headlines in 2015, and its non-military uses are bound to grow still further in 2016 and beyond. As usual, regulatory bodies have been caught napping with regard to this popular new trend and are now scrambling to set out a legal framework. In light of several high-profi le accidents, a liability insurance requirement is the very least that can be expected. Aviation insurance specialist Compagnie Belge d’Assurances Aviation SA (Aviabel) is, as usual, ahead of the curve and already offers drone insurance as part of its portfolio.


A guarantee for safe payment solutions

There are probably not many industries that are undergoing a more rapid change than the global payment industry. Due to a range of mobile and electronic payment systems that has become significantly broader in recent years, talk of a cashless society has accelerated. Furthermore, with the introduction of new regulations and governmental initiatives such as the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the payment industry constantly faces new challenges. The French company Galitt is a much sought-after partner of banks and users of card payment systems, offering competent consulting and other services.


A matter of trust

It is 2015 and hiding a stash of money under the mattress – or even in a savings account for that matter – is not the best way to financially secure one’s future. Still, many people stick with these near archaic methods, simply because they lack the necessary knowledge about more suitable alternatives. ascent Aktiengesellschaft with headquarters in Karlsruhe is an award-winning company offering expert support and a variety of products that help people make the right investments and gain the most out of their money.


Big benefits for both

Most real estate companies have agencies, staffed with their own consultants, in a limited geographic area. By contrast, I@D France SAS works together with more than 2,400 independent agents throughout the country and large property sites on the Internet. This close-knit network has major advantages for both sellers and buyers. Sellers benefit from swift, country-wide publication of their property, and buyers benefit from low commissions. Both groups benefit from 100% security in all transactions.


Offering more than just a place to live

Demographic change more than population growth is driving increases in demand for housing in Western Europe. An ageing population and a rise in the number of single occupancy households are changing the composition of the real estate market and providing new opportunities for investors. Home Invest Belgium SA specializes in investment properties in the Belgian rental market. It buys or develops suitable properties and rents them out to tenants at an affordable price that still provides a strong return for investors.


Creating value for the real economy

The real economy refers to the part of the economy that is concerned with producing actual goods and services as opposed to the part that is concerned with buying and selling on the financial markets. One deals in tangible assets, and the other in intangible assets but both produce wealth. Ecofi Investissements in France offers investment products designed to finance the activities of the real economy as well as generate good returns for investors. With 40 years of experience and the support of a strong parent, it now has eight billion EUR in funds under management.


Swiss clockwork in wealth management technology

To approach the market individually and to distinguish itself from competitors – this is the philosophy and business approach of BRT, based in Geneva and London. Uniting technological solutions and consultancy, the company is a demanded partner of wealth managers, trust companies, private banks and alternative investment managers. With the addition of its new mobile platform Fortress, BRT aims to further enhance its market position in the coming years.


Cooperative with ambitions

Compared to many other European countries, the proportion of homeowners in Belgium is high. 73% of all Belgians are owner-occupiers. The remaining 27% is split between private lettings (20%) and public housing (7%). In the latter sector, NOSBAU S.c.r.l. has a monopoly position in the nine communities with which it partners. With domestic opportunities for expansion limited, the cooperative is now considering going abroad to grow its market position further. At the same time, it has plans to develop activities in the profitable private housing market.


Commercial property consultancy

Real estate is one of the most popular and stable investment opportunities available. However, in order to maximize returns, it is best to take advice from a property expert. It is even better to avail oneself of the comprehensive services offered by a specialist commercial property consultant such as SPG Intercity SA in Geneva. Founded in 2000 as a joint venture between Société Privé de Gérance in Geneva and Intercity in Zurich, the company was created to offer a service that up until then was not available in the Swiss market: consultancy and brokerage.


The fine art of calculating risk

When someone is lent money to buy an asset, it is fairly easy to recoup the money loaned by seizing the asset in the event of payment default. Loans that are not secured on a tangible asset are more risky, and therefore, lenders are well advised to insist on credit insurance to protect both parties. Atradius Credit Insurance N.V. specializes in risk assessment and offers a comprehensive range of credit management solutions that protect businesses of all sizes against bad debt. With more than 90 years of experience, the company is one of the leading providers of these services worldwide.


Attractive and affordable

The European financial crisis, which started in 2008, caused severe difficulties for many banks and other financial services providers. One of the rare exceptions is Nordea Ejendomsinvestering A/S. Owned by Northern Europe’s leading financial group, the Danish property development and management company has been generating constant cash flow – despite accelerating consolidation in Denmark’s banking industry. At present, it is developing a landmark, harbour-front residential project in Copenhagen to provide affordable housing in an attractive area.


Tailor-made real estate

It is Europe’s leading asset manager with more than 850 million EUR under management and among the Top 10 worldwide – Amundi. Due to its strong international focus and its global vision of real estate investment, the company is present in France, Morocco, Luxembourg and Italy. Amundi Real Estate Italia SGR SpA is located in Milan and concentrates on the development, structuring and management of tailor-made real estate funds.


Property profession at its peak

Switzerland is known for its beauty, stability, and favourable banking and tax system. The property market is trusted and has been known for its stable growth over the last 40 years. COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER SA is a leading market player when it comes to real estate in Switzerland.


Trade for the better

The close economic, cultural, political and interpersonal contacts that have been established between Germany and Russia over the past 25 years seem endangered by the current political crises focusing on the Ukraine. In this situation it is more important than ever to sustain the links that have been created. VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG in Frankfurt can draw on 40 years of experience as a German specialist bank for German-Russian trade relations and is uniquely positioned to provide advice to companies and banks on the settlement of transactions in Russia and the other CIS states.


60 years of investment growth

Investing in property is an option usually only open to the very rich because of the high cost of real estate. However, a property fund offers smaller investors the opportunity to benefit from the consistently strong returns in the property market. One of the most successful property funds in the Swiss market is LA FONCIÈRE, which has been managed by Investissements Fonciers SA since 1954.