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Transport & Logistics


Strong growth, low emissions

Freight forwarders across Europe suffered following the economic crisis which started to take hold of the continent in 2008. Not JP Spedition & Transport s.r.o., though. The Czech provider of transport services invested in modern, low-emission vehicles and built up lasting partnerships with its clients to sustain its competitive edge. The company is on a stable growth path and has just opened a brand-new truck and trailer repair center.


Complete logistics coverage

DB Schenker is the leading freight haulage specialist for land and rail transports in Europe with 24,000 employees at 730 locations across the continent. Globally, the company has more than 66,000 employees and 2,000 branch offices. Founded in Vienna in 1872, the geographic heart of Europe, Schenker was born at the crossroads for trade between east and west. This trade was severely disrupted during the Cold War, but since the fall of communism and the redrawing of the map in Eastern Europe, this trade is flourishing once again. DB Schenker has been active in the Croatian market with its own presence for 21 years. It now operates from five locations as Schenker d.o.o.


A global game change through space

Space exploration has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world for decades, arguably even centuries, long before the travel was actually possible. Today, space provides us on Earth with a variety of things we enjoy in our daily life, but also a vast spectrum of information important to science and research. SSC enables governmental agencies, commercial companies and research institutes to help the people of Earth benefit from space. Earth and space are becoming more connected with each passing year and there are exciting advancements on the horizon.


Flying high

Apparently it was Leonardo da Vinci who invented the concept of flight, which includes helicopters. An ingenious drawing by the 15th century painter and inventor showing a so-called ornithopter has inspired modern-day helicopters. Aersud Elicotteri S.r.l. in Rome is a specialist when it comes to the most diverse types of helicopters. The company is a distributor and agent of versatile, powerful Airbus helicopters.


Logistics hub in Belgium

In the middle of last year, the Belgian logistics specialist Renory became an independent company. Until then, Renory had been part of the Belgian Group Portier Industries. Owned and headed by Philippe Portier, the company now operates under the name Renory SA. The young company can draw on more than two decades of experience in logistics services for a wide range of industries, and the management is determined to further enhance its position as a logistics platform for warehousing and transport on waterways, rail and road.


Co-owners and co-managers

A cooperative society is owned by its members. This is no different in the case of ITM Logistique Equipement de la Maison International (ITM LEMI), the logistics arm of the French Mousquetaires Group. What is special, however, is the company’s unique combination of co-ownership and co-management. Its members not only run their own businesses but also contribute part of their time to the common management of the entire cooperative and its individual operating firms.


Keep on track

France has Europe’s second-largest railway network with a total of about 30,000 km of railway. In the past decade, rail traffic in France has grown continuously. Experts agree that by 2020, the number of passengers is supposed to increase by another 30%. To keep on track with this dynamic development, a network modernization program has been worked out. ETMF SAS in Mennecy contributes significantly to the improvement of France’s railway system.


Any cargo, any client

Ample warehousing space, an attractive location and a service-minded approach – these are the cornerstones of the sustained success of A. Henriksen Shipping A/S. Based at the port of Hundested in northern Zealand, the Danish company is positioned to serve any type of cargo and client while other smaller ports in Denmark are closing their activities and building expensive apartments instead.


Innovation in tank cleaning

Logistics services have become more and more important due to globalization, and many companies rely on logistics service providers (LSP) when it comes to the transportation of their goods. Den Hartogh Logistics with headquarters in Rotterdam is among the leading LSPs for the petrochemical industry in Europe, offering various services in 17 countries around the world. Den Hartogh Cleaning B.V., headquartered in Botlek, specializes in tank cleaning, convincing its customers with high-quality services, the highest safety standards and a continuous drive to look for improvements.