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Wrapping the world in glass

Glass is a proven packaging material for food, health and cosmetic products offering a variety of benefits. Nonporous, impermeable and resistant against chemicals, glass is safe packaging that reliably protects its content. Moreover, glass is a sustainable solution. It can be reused and recycled time and time again. Yet glass is far more than a safe solution. Glass ideally lends itself to creative decorations. Making the advantages of glass fully available, the Italian company Vetroelite S.p.A. has earned an excellent reputation for its creative solutions for glass bottles.


Dedicated to domestic cleaning

Cleaning technology has changed a lot over the past decades and so has domestic cleaning. But still, brooms and brushes are an indispensable tools for domestic cleaning. The Italian company Fass SPA is an expert in the field, well-known as an innovative force in domestic cleaning equipment. For more than 45 years, Fass SPA has greatly contributed to making domestic cleaning easier, quicker and more effective.


Bikes for a bohemian sense of freedom

Bohemianism first became a notable way of living at the end of the 19th century and has since then described a lifestyle of come-what-may freedom. Bohemians tend to be artistically minded and prefer not to tie themselves to any one location. The region of Bohemia makes up the majority of the Czech Republic today and has little in common with the bohemian lifestyle – with one exception: BOHEMIA BIKE a.s. The Czech company offers bicycles that put the rider in touch with their inner bohemian to enjoy the freedom of the trip, whether on a commute or a mountainside.


Feed for the world

The multi-billion-dollar animal feed industry forms a huge part of the global food sector. Animal feed is usually the product of the combined involvement of a number of companies. Luxtrade GmbH, a German-based company, is a buyer and distributor of animal feed ingredients. The company ships its products all over the world with its key markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Interview with Nicole Schumann, Country Manager Germany of the Beate Uhse AG

The heritage of Beate Uhse

One year ago, Nicola Schumann, aged 35, joined the Hamburg based Beate Uhse concern as Country Manager Germany to bring the company back on track. Over the last few years, the traditional adult and erotic concern which is one of the big names in the industry, kept losing market shares to the increasing number of e-commerce competitors. Nicola Schumann, who used to work for Google, too, is a true expert in online marketing and e-commerce. We talked to her about her motivation to join the company, the strengths of the brand and her future plans for Beate Uhse.


“We do today what others think about tomorrow”

The first skiing records date back to the 18th century when farmers in Krain (today’s Slovenia) skied down the hills and mountains on wooden boards. Later, the Norwegians made skiing popular in Europe and North America. Even against the background of climate change, skiing is still a popular sport, appreciated by young and old. Yet modern ski equipment is worlds apart from the wooden boards of the early days of skiing. Alpina Sports GmbH, based in Sulzemoos, Germany, is one of the pioneers in the market for ski equipment and protective wear. Originally, the company focused on ski goggles. Today, Alpina Sports is a trend-oriented supplier of superior ski and bike gear. Uniting the latest technologies with unique design and extreme wearing comfort, the company is ready to become one of Europe’s leading trendsetting sports brands.


Open sesame!

Aladdin’s cave had nothing on Maxi Bazar if your idea of treasure is branded toiletries and household articles at significantly lower prices than usual and a wide range of decorative items for the home. The successful chain of town-center stores has a strong presence in the French and Swiss markets in a hugely competitive sector. Its success is based on a continuously changing range of competitively priced, attractive products sold in easily accessible city center locations. With more than 20,000 individual product lines available in the larger stores, they are the kind of shop where customers like to stop by regularly and browse.


Time to stand out

It is no secret that when it comes to the most refined watches, Switzerland is known as the epicenter of horology. The world’s most coveted watch brands are from Switzerland and having the name ‘Swiss’ on a watch is an automatic generator of prestige and craftsmanship. For 128 years Atlantic-Watch Production Ltd. has represented the art of making Swiss watches.