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The specialist

Small can pack a big punch, and A&A Expo International B.V. is no lightweight in the realm of trade show stand production. With a core team of 40 people, A&A Expo delivers personalized, reliable, quality solutions that turn creative vision into eye-popping reality. The proudly and distinctly Dutch firm first opened its doors in the central city of Wijk bij Duurstede, where it continues operations today. Although only founded in 1993, the relatively young production company has earned an impressive reputation among its esteemed list of clients for offering the perfect backdrop to showcase their products.


A home for data

With virtually unlimited digital information available on even the smallest handheld device, it is easy to forget that this data still has to have a physical home. For the majority of data accessed via the cloud, that home is a centralized server located in a commercially-run data center. As such, the cloud is not nearly as ephemeral as it sounds but a place where data can be stored for instant access from any device. With 46 data centers located worldwide, Telehouse is one of the biggest providers of data centers, co-location and connectivity solutions in Europe.


A distributor with a focus

It has always been essential for Dupaco Distribution B.V. to adhere to its promises and deliver the best solution to the partners. Consequently, the company, which has established itself as a leading True Value Added Distributor of software in the Netherlands since its foundation in 1985, has gained the trust of its partners who sell to the end consumer. Dupaco Distribution helps them through training, skills, marketing and additional support.


Selling more, wasting less

30% reduced inventory, 40% less waste and on-shelf availability enhanced to over 98% for maximized sales – these are the results achieved by the customers of RELEX Solutions, Europe’s fastest-growing provider of integrated retail and supply chain planning solutions. Founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2005, the company has expanded from Scandinavia to all over Europe – with its subsidiary in Wiesbaden being responsible for the German-speaking countries.


Optimization of customs duty costs

The world is a market. Import and export are part of the daily business of companies around the globe, from the importation of raw materials or components to the exportation of finished products. However, the process is complex: Every country has its own regulations to which traders must strictly adhere or face hefty fines or even worse. MIC Customs Solutions, founded in Linz, Austria in 1988, focuses exclusively on the development of global customs and trade compliance software solutions, which can be integrated into an ERP system such as Oracle, SAP or any other enterprise or legacy system for automating foreign trade processes to a large extent. It also provides project implementation services, 24/7 support, software maintenance incorporating the latest regulatory changes and global trade content services for 150+ countries, resulting in an optimum one-stop shop for global customs and trade compliance.


Software QA finds its niche

High-quality IT solutions are integral to almost every business operation. Without effective IT, it is almost impossible for a company to develop its business, increase its market share or create value for its clients. Consequently, there are millions of developers across the world working on innovative software to meet every challenge. Software testing and quality assurance (QA) by experienced professionals, however, is still a niche market, one that TestHuset A/S has been leading in Denmark for the past ten years.


A brave new world of information

The internet is one of the greatest research resources ever created, providing almost instant access to in-depth information on virtually any topic. However, as the haystack grows bigger and bigger, finding the needle becomes more and more difficult. This is the area of expertise of ReportLinker. Its award-winning search engine trawls through millions of reports and data sets to obtain exactly the information needed. Whether it is a research student or a captain of industry, Reportlinker provides the insights that will allow them to get ahead in their respective fields; quickly, accurately and in an easily digestible format.


Competitive edge for traders

The market environment for specialist retailers has become difficult due to the increasing importance of e-commerce, amongst other factors. Customers expect both competitive prices and good advancey. Also, they are more and more used to buying on the Internet. 3e Handels- und Dienstleistungs AG, based in Wels, Austria, the leading cooperation of Austria’s special traders, recognized the signs of the times early. Uniting personal sales and distribution concepts for stationary shops with customer-oriented online offers, the company gives its members a competitive edge.


Cleaning in Paris and beyond

Ensuring an ever-improving level of cleanliness and consistently maintaining that standard on a daily basis are two of the most crucial challenges involved in the cleaning of public spaces. It takes the right kind of staff, a strong organisation and close customer contacts in order to guarantee high standards at all times. In and around Paris, Labrenne Sarl has established itself as the leading cleaning company specializing in public spaces, including train and metro stations, airports, hospitals and a large number of public buildings and environments.