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A new job offer: Here‘s how to react correctly

What are the important factors in considering a job offer?

Firstly, you should be very clear about what challenges the new job will present. You have received the job offer, but do you have enough experience to master those challenges? Within what timeframe are measurable results expected? Is there a team or a colleague who is responsible for your induction? Sometimes it makes sense to learn the necessary software, acquire background knowledge, do some technical reading, or even attend a preparatory seminar in advance of starting your new job.

Will the job advance my career? When you apply for a job, you should have clear career goals in mind, and the job should support these goals. When you receive a job offer, you are naturally happy, but you should check whether the new company really suits your career plan.

Will the new job make me happy? What personal needs should the new job fulfil? Do I have management responsibility? Does the position offer the opportunity to work from home? Is there anything I will have to give up? Sometimes the offer involves a change of location. Do you really want to leave the area that you know? Does the new company offer relocation support? How will your family and partner react? If the company has a good online presentation, you can get a good feel for the company culture. Gather as much information as you can and take advantage of social media channels such as Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You should avoid these mistakes

If you conclude that the new job is perfect for you, it is important to remain confident in the communication with your new employer. As a change of job always means a huge change, you should take the opportunity to ask for a short period of time to think about it. However, this shouldn’t be so long that it gives the impression you are waiting on a possibly more advantageous job offer from another company. You should keep in mind that a new position is only completely secure when you have signed the contract. If you have received a job offer from a new employer, it is because you have convinced them with your qualifications and personality during the interview process. Now, it is important that you continue to demonstrate professional behaviour.

Salary will of course have been discussed during the interview. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, a job offer gives you the opportunity to negotiate. Nevertheless, if you make too many demands - for a company car or extra holiday, for example - you run the risk that the offer will be withdrawn.

If everything works out and the contract has been signed, you will want to share your good news, often via social media. Restraint is, however, recommended; some employers don’t like to see such information shared on Facebook or Twitter. It is also important to retain a professional tone on social media and not post negative comments about former employers.

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