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Business Etiquette for conferences – What to watch out for

Business Etiquette for conferences – What to watch out for

From time to time you may attend meetings or conferences. These are often external meetings to which managers and employees from other companies are invited. When people of different companies and positions come together, there are some things to watch out for. Don’t forget, you represent the company you work for. Learn how to behave correctly with our business etiquette for conferences.

Dress appropriately

It is recommended that you attend the meeting in clean and appropriate clothing. The unspoken dress code is generally smart casual. Avoid torn jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. If you have a long journey, take spare clothing so that you can change before the conference starts.

Upright posture

Through your posture, you signal to others how you feel. Be sure to maintain an upright posture. This will radiate presence and confidence. You should also pay attention to your facial expressions and gestures. If you look unfriendly, other conference participants will avoid you.

First contact

In addition to your upright posture, try to appear approachable. Maintain eye contact when talking to other conference participants. Do not stare too obviously at the name tag of the person you are talking to; try to memorize their name when you greet them for the first time. Your handshake should not be too firm or too weak. Chewing gum is an absolute no-go.

Leave the smartphone in your pocket

Nothing is ruder than the constant use of a smartphone, especially during a presentation. It signals disinterest and boredom. Leave your phone in your pocket until the break or even until the end of the event. One exception is when you are attending a seminar where you are asked to test applications on your phone.

Having something to eat

In most cases, you will get drinks as well as snacks or even lunch at the conference. Even if you are really hungry, do not rush to eat and do not overload your plate with food.

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