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Business Facts Poland – Living and working in Poland

Entering and organizational matters

As an EU citizen, you can enter Poland with your national ID or passport with no problems. If you want to stay longer than three months, however, you should make the trip to the local registry office (Woiwoden) within the first 30 days. If you have a job in Poland, you should also have a Polish account so that your salary can be deposited easily. For that you’ll also need just your ID and an address in Poland. What is also imperative for taking up work in Poland is a tax identification number – a Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej. A personal ID number (PESEL), which you can choose to apply for but will simplify many trips to the authorities significantly, will make your life easier.

The language

Polish is spoken in Poland. You won’t get very far in everyday life without basic knowledge of the Polish language. That is why you should acquire fundamental language skills before your stay in Poland.

The labour market

So few people in Poland are unemployed than have been in years. As of June 2019, the unemployment rate was 3.8%. Skilled workers in particular are desperately being sought. The following professions are in high demand:

  • Engineers
  • Specialized workers for construction
  • Commercial personnel
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • IT experts

Large, well-known companies like Google and Microsoft have locations in Poland. Therefore, especially in the IT sector, you can also find a job in the country with little knowledge of Polish. With these giant corporations in particular, it is more a matter of English skills.

The work week is 40 hours. Every employee gets at least 20 days’ vacation a year. The minimum wage is 2030 PLZ gross, but there are major differences between the sectors as to how high the final earnings will really be.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Poland is low by European comparison. As everywhere else, it is more expensive to live in the cities than in rural areas. In Warsaw especially, rent is very expensive compared with the rest of the country. By European comparison, many foods and services especially, such as going to the hairdresser, are cheap.

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