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Christmas presents for your employees: the best ideas

Holiday gifts: put some thought into your selection

As a boss, if you’re thinking about possible gifts, you should start off by considering two things: the number of employees and the budget. They are crucial when deciding how much each gift can cost. The next point is the choice of an appropriate gift. In particular with holiday presents, you have to make sure that followers of other religions aren’t hurt. Therefore, you should avoid Christian themes for the gifts and packaging. In addition, there are other no-gos when choosing presents. You should also avoid gifts with a company logo. They seem too much like giveaways. Instead of giving low-quality gifts to the staff, you might want to forgo presents altogether. Cheap junk could rightly be interpreted as a sign that the boss doesn’t have much “leftover” for his employees in the truest sense of the word. Gifts that call for special taste are out of place here, too. Antiques or presents resembling crafts won’t find approval with everyone.

Treats or a nice scarf are popular

By contrast, the boss can do little wrong with culinary delicacies. In line with Christmas, these could include punch, cookies or gingerbread. Even if it doesn’t suit an individual’s taste, he has the possibility of passing this gift on to other gourmets. You can tag the gift with a personal greeting or – particularly in large companies – at least a personalized label. Recipients will also be delighted by articles of clothing that are used in the winter. A good-quality hat, a pair of gloves or a scarf in a neutral colour will warm not only people’s hearts.

Holiday party as an alternative to a present

An alternative to a holiday gift is a holiday party – often in the form of a Christmas dinner – for employees. If this meal isn’t à la carte but rather offers a limited selection of foods, consider people’s eating habits. A Christmas goose with all the trimmings generally won’t be well-received among vegans and vegetarians. If you want to avoid irritations here, send around a list of the dishes available a few days before. In addition to the classic Christmas party, there are other ways of giving thanks at the holidays. All different kinds of events can be popular and can also be connected with food. A night of bowling or going to the movies or a cabaret show are just a few options.

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