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Christmas theme parties: A few ideas

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7 Ideas for Christmas party themes: Fairy tale Christmas

With this motto, your guests can choose to come as pretty much anything they want because there is virtually no end to the possibilities offered by the magical world of fairy tales. Those whose imaginations refuse to run riot can just come as an elf, fairy or wizard.

VIP party

Wanting to look like your idol isn’t just for children. Your employees are bound to enjoy being a star for the night – whether film legend, rock star, sporting hero or TV personality. A party full of tribute acts could also give them the opportunity to take center stage: Maybe some of your guests would like to try their hand at karaoke, as a band or even a solo act.

Last Christmas

Whether it is a 70s, 80s or 90s party, rolling back the years to a bygone decade is not just fun for those who were there at the time. It can also be interesting for younger generations to look at the decade when their parents or grandparents were young. Going completely over the top is compulsory. Every decade offers its own treasure trove of dance music. And don’t forget to give the Christmas classics from the chosen decade a spin.

Come as you are

This theme couldn’t be simpler for your guests and can produce a few funny surprises. The idea behind this theme is that everyone comes in the outfit they were wearing when they received the invite. If you send it during normal working hours, however, the potential for amusement will be limited. Which is why we suggest you think carefully before you press send.

Beach Party

Tropical cocktails, hot rhythms and a summery outfit - who wouldn’t welcome a little Caribbean flair in the middle of winter? If you want your guests to really get in the mood while propping up the beach bar, don’t forget to heat things up properly.

Middle Ages

When knights, kings and queens, minstrels and damsels meet for a tryst, the Middle Ages come to life. A Middle Ages-themed Christmas party doesn’t have to stand on ceremony in the same way as the more common four-course-meal in a posh restaurant. But that doesn’t mean skimping on culinary delicacies or alcohol. As well as raising their wine glasses or beer tankards, guests can toast each other with mead while enjoying a menu of bread, meat and cheese, although authenticity isn’t everything.

Bad Taste Party

If you have ever wanted to dress up and see just how terrible you can look then you can’t go wrong with a Bad Taste Party. It is an easy theme to get right: All you do is put on things that clash horribly and you’re all set to go. Even better, you can put on the things you normally hide in shame at the back of the cupboard because they are too ugly to see the light of day. Whatever you choose, hilarity is guaranteed. And the Christmas photos will provide continued amusement every year after.

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