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Customer gifts for the holidays: the best ideas

Holiday gifts for customers: classic and effective

The classics are boring? Whatever! Depending on your clientele, classic gift ideas are especially well received – if they have a personal touch. A simple pen can become an engraved one-of-a-kind item that the customer uses daily. That way you’ll be thought of on a regular basis. Writing utensils in general are always a good gift idea if you can have them personalized or customized: They convey a valuable sense of quality and aren’t used just once. It is important that your customers can use your presents and that they’re not merely decorative. It will give your gift a much greater value and won’t be forgotten as easily.

Holiday gifts for customers: leave a culinary impression

A treat for the palate – the phrase speaks for itself. Even though a culinary gift is nothing new, you can leave a positive lasting impression on your customers depending on your choice and the format. What is crucial here is that you still create a connection with your company through your culinary gift. For example, this could be through the choice of colours for cookies, wine or the packaging. But you can also give it a personal touch with certain instructions, such as recipes or serving suggestions.

The following culinary gifts are well received:

• Wine and spirits

• Baked goods

• Your own beverages

• Other sweets

Important: It shouldn’t be “off the rack” but should reflect your message as a company and optimally your relationship to the customer.

Holiday gifts for customers: let your services do the talking

A holiday gift that indirectly binds the customer more tightly to the company and perhaps even generates new business? That’s possible! The challenge: a special gift that is useful while generating added-value for the customer, however which also says something about your own services. The gift ultimately depends heavily on the theme or product of your company. A few examples that you can adapt to your sector:

• Communication: a notebook with inspiring creative ideas for the whole year

• (Business) Consulting: a mini hot water bottle labeled “Business bellyache? We can help!”

• A carpentry workshop: a coaster – “To a good time! From your carpenters at (Name)”

• Pharmacy: a cold and hot pack – “We prepare you for anything”

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