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Job search and application: Preparing an application: What to do

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Call the company

Often it’s not possible to recognize how long a job posting has been public. It’s possible that the position is no longer even available. That’s why it’s worth calling the company to ask whether the offer for the position is still up-to-date. If there is no contact person listed in the job posting, you can ask then to whom you should address your application. If you want to send an unsolicited application, this step is especially important.

Study the job posting precisely

Read through the job posting carefully and think about whether you fulfill each requirement listed in the profile and how you can prove it with your previous activities or hobbies. That way, you’ve already collected references that you should definitely include in your cover letter and CV.

Get information about the desired company

The cover letter of your application should be tailored precisely to the desired company. Therefore, you should get information about the company before you write even one sentence. Find out

• ...how big the company is,

• ...whether it is a family-owned or stock-listed company,

• ...what goals the company has,

• …what values are especially important to the company,

• …what products or services exactly are on offer,

• ...who the competitors are,

• ...how successful the company is.

Think about how you can contribute to the goals and refer to it in your application. In addition, it can be beneficial to look at ratings of the company on platforms like kununu. How do employees rate the individual aspects of the company? That way you can determine whether the company is generally a good match for you before you apply. In the next part of our tip series on job searches and applications, we’ll reveal how to put together your application and what really matters.

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