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Job search and application: Where can I find a job?

Online recruitment sites

In our digital world, the quickest way to find a new job is by trawling through the ads on an online recruitment site. There are plenty to choose from. You probably already know the big names in the sector such as indeed or stepstone. However, there are many other niche sites that specialize in specific industry sectors. Do some research into the sites that target your sector.

Social networks

Did you know that the social networks XING (only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and LinkedIn (available worldwide) can be an effective job search tool? In the “Jobs” area on LinkedIn or under “Stellenmarkt” on XING you can enter various parameters to refine your search. Enter the job or sector that you work in and the town where you live. You will automatically be sent information by email about vacancies that meet your criteria. If you set your status to job seeker then recruiters will be able to access your details and send potential job offers directly to you. 

Alternative application routes

Don’t pin all your hopes on online recruitment platforms. There is a lot you can do offline. The most old-fashioned way: Read the job adverts in the local paper. On certain days of the week, there is often an extra section just for recruitment ads. You can also visit the job centre; they will be able to show you additional vacancies.

Job and career fairs

You should also attend job and career fairs. These are not only aimed at graduates or those just starting out in the world of work. Make contact with the personnel managers in person and you may be able to talk yourself into your next dream job.

Use your personal contacts

Even today, a lot of positions are filled because of who you know rather than what you know. Make use of your contact network to sound out the market. Maybe contact A knows contact B who happens to be looking to fill a vacancy. Put out feelers and tell specific people that you are looking for a new job.

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