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Microjobbing: What is it, and what do you need to know?

What is microjobbing?

The term microjobbing describes online-based contract work that is posted to users via a smartphone app.

How does microjobbing work?

Microjobbing is offered by different providers via apps. The job specifications, the user administration and the payment are controlled completely with the app. To execute the work for microjobbing, a smartphone or tablet is normally used. The kinds of work that are offered for microjobbing are the ones that can be done and transmitted digitally. The background is usually to complete companies’ databases. The work consists of describing and/or categorizing pictures, writing short descriptions, transcribing audio recordings or taking pictures of places in the immediate vicinity, for example. Or it concerns mystery checks where photos are taken and questions should be asked. This could be the case at gas stations, supermarkets, home improvement stores or any kind of specialty store.

The smartphone’s GPS is used to determine the position for location-related work. The results are entered into the app and can then be transmitted digitally to the provider. For this, the app requires the rights to the camera of the device. The work in microjobbing is usually remunerated per completed contract. The remuneration is advertised in the app prior to accepting the job so that the user can decide whether it is worthwhile for him. In some apps, the remuneration increases for work that has been left undone for too long. It is usually not possible reserve jobs, or if it is, then only for a short time.

What should you watch out for with microjobbing?

If you choose to earn a little extra money with microjobbing, you don’t need an office but rather an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet with a camera. That makes this kind of additional income possible for a lot of people. However, because travel costs are not reimbursed, you should consider first if it’s worth it to take on a job or not. It makes sense to look around for work if you’re going to be out and about anyway. You are never obligated to take on a job. You have to realize, though, that microjobbing does not guarantee a fixed income. How much you earn depends on how much work you do. Because every microjobbing job is normally remunerated with a micropayment of about two to twelve EUR (depending on the provider, of course), the volume makes the difference.

Advantages and disadvantages of microjobbing

Microjobbing means independent and flexible work. The payment is uncomplicated, usually via PayPal. You don’t need much equipment and can complete most jobs without previous experience. However, it is hard to calculate your earnings, and the payment for each individual job is very low. The time it takes to get to where the work needs to take place is not paid. If the job does not pass the quality control, there is no payment.

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