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Straining: What is it, and what can you do to fight it?

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What is straining?

In a case of straining, the person concerned is deliberately put under psychological pressure so that he well and truly wears out. And that is precisely the goal: Straining aims literally to break the employee concerned in the company. The “victim” is meant to be sidelined and is purposely released from duties in the company. When you are affected, it can mean that you are intentionally cut off from the flow of information and are completely left out of various decisions. What are they trying to do? In many cases, the employer or organization where you work wants you to quit your job to make room for people the company finds more agreeable. Several phases of straining can be observed:

Being sidelined step by step – You are pulled off of jobs or projects and slowly lose your previous responsibilities.

Boredom and redundant position – It is made clear to you that they no longer really have a use for you. You’ve lost your duties.

Growing psychological pressure – You end up in a deadly cycle: You have nothing to do, but get your salary nonetheless. How can you even justify that to the company? That can cause stress and various illnesses such as insomnia, depression and the like.

Quitting your job – Because you can no longer withstand the pressure from the company, you quit your job as the last straw. It can also go the other way around: The company fires you because, after all, you have “nothing to do” and are superfluous.

This is where the circle sort of closes because the company or your superior has reached his goal: You buckle under the pressure and give up.

What can you do about straining?

You shouldn’t put up with straining. Take measures right at the first major sign so as not to break under the pressure.

Help from the outside: You might feel left out in the cold, but it doesn’t help to withdraw into your shell. Get a lawyer involved, and ask friends for advice and support. That can be the first step towards withstanding the pressure and appearing confident against the perpetrator. Don’t let them take your self-esteem.

Keep trying: Your superior may have taken away your duties, but don’t let yourself be fobbed off. Continue doing a lot of your work as you used to. And write down exactly when which of the above steps were taken against you. If you end up in court later, an exact record can help you.

Keep an eye on your health: A job is never as important as your health. When things are going really badly and the pressure from your company or superior is getting worse, you should think with your family and friends whether you really have to do this to yourself. Maybe you can go a new direction on the job market. Every new beginning offers new opportunities.

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