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What does your handwriting say about you?

How does a handwriting test work?

Handwriting analysis is called graphology and examines the entire script. Graphology seeks to deduce elements of your personality from your handwriting. Handwriting is individual and creates a distinct impression about a person. Just a few handwritten lines can reveal up to 5,000 different personality traits. Based on the script, characteristics can be determined and a picture of your personality formulated. Even small details such as the shape of individual letters can reveal something about your personality, as do features such as pressure, proportions, flourishes, whether the script is inclined in a particular direction, and whether it is large or small, uniform or irregular.

Handwriting test: Letter size

Small letters suggest a shy, introverted personality but also diligence and care. People with large writing are often open-minded, direct and attention-loving. Medium sized letters suggest a balanced and adaptable person.

Handwriting test: Letter shape

Rounded letters represent a creative and artistic personality. Pointed shapes indicate an intelligent, curious, but also serious person. Connected characters mean the writer deals with problems systematically, but is rather cautious when making decisions.

Handwriting test: Script inclination

If the script leans to the right, the person is open for new experiences and likes to meet new people. A left-inclined script indicates people who prefer to stay in the background. For right-handers, it can also indicate that they are rebelling or dissatisfied with something. If the writing is straight and without inclination, this points to people who think logically and practically.

Handwriting test: Space between words

A wide gap between the words indicates a freedom-loving person who might quickly feel closed in when around other people. Words close to each other are written by people who don’t like to be alone.

Handwriting test: The point on the i

If a point is set very high above the i, this indicates a great imagination. If the point is placed directly above the letter, this points to an organized but also compassionate person. An oblique point may mean that the writer is very self-critical and impatient. If the point is offset to the left, this indicates a hesitant character.

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