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Writing a business email: what to consider

Writing a business email: what to consider

If you know how to start your business email it is time to improve your writing. There are some things you should consider. Make sure you follow these simple rules to convince your business partner or colleague. Here is what to consider when writing a business email.

Short, sharp and to the point

Professional emails are concise and focused. They should be to the point and contain only the required information. Don’t communicate more than is really necessary. If you need the recipient to take action, be very clear what you are expecting and, if necessary, by when. Whether you are writing informally to colleagues or using a more formal tone for recipients you don’t know so well, the rules for writing business emails are the same: They should be respectful, professional and polite. A business email is not the place for emojis or too many exclamation marks. Remember, once you hit send, you have no control over the content or who may read it in the future.

The devil is in the detail

Once you have composed your business email, be sure to proofread it - more than once if necessary - checking not only spellings and grammar, but also the accuracy of your information - dates, times and numbers for example. Make sure it is easy on the eye: use short paragraphs, and subheadings if the text is lengthy.

One further point. A critical aspect of writing an effective email is choosing the right time to send it. If you need it to be read quickly, don’t send it at the end of the working day, just before you leave the office. Chances are, the recipient will be on their way home too, and by the time they open their emails the next morning, yours will be way down their list of unread mails. Try to send important mails either late in the evening or as soon as you arrive in the morning; that way, they will be at the top of the list.

If you follow these rules for writing business emails, recipients will be happy to communicate with you, and you are likely to get an efficient and effective response.

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