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The Pareto Principle: What it says

Time is money! This well-known saying shows how important the right approach to time is. The multiple demands of our everyday lives - work, family, household - constantly require time, and therefore, good time management. This is easier for some people than others, although for all of us, a day has only 24 hours. How can we use these hours effectively and, with a clear conscience, save time. The Pareto Principle can be a useful tool.

SWOT analysis: Here’s how to do it

Anyone who has to prepare a business plan for their company cannot avoid a so-called SWOT analysis. What content lies behind the acronym? And how exactly should an effective SWOT analysis - one which generates results which achieve real progress for the organization - be carried out? We have summarized the most important aspects of a SWOT analysis for you.

Business Etiquette Smalltalk: The key to successful smalltalk

After greeting your business partner, it’s time for a little smalltalk. It relaxes the atmosphere and eases potentially tense situations. Even when you meet someone for the first time, whether it’s at an event, a business dinner or an interview, smalltalk is a good idea. In our Business Etiquette guide, we advise you on how to master the art of smalltalk.

Business Facts Denmark – Living and working in Denmark

Denmark is known for its exemplary school system and well-paid jobs. Trained professionals in particular have good job prospects here. In our Business Facts, we’ve put together all the important information you need about living and working in Denmark.

SMART goals: How to set goals the right way

They are especially popular at the beginning of a new year: the goals to be tackled that will make everything better. Yet, throughout the year, we often set goals whose achievement we fail at. Maybe it’s because we were too vague or unprecise in how we phrased our goals, or they simply cannot be achieved.

Straining: What is it, and what can you do to fight it?

When it comes to straining, you immediately think of stress and overload? Then you’re intuitively on the right track because straining describes a stressful situation deliberately caused to the person concerned, in this case an employee, who cannot withstand the pressure and the high psychological strain exerted on him, and he suffers from it. Frustration, psychological illnesses and even suicide can be the results.

Microjobbing: What is it, and what do you need to know?

Earning money with your smartphone: That is not very well known to many people. So-called microjobbing apps make it possible to earn money quickly and easily on the side. Small jobs that can be taken care of at home or on the go via an app won’t bring in the big bucks, but will make a little extra income nonetheless.

Business Facts Croatia – Living and working in Croatia

Croatia is popular with tourists and is, for many, the number one summer holiday destination. If you want to make the Croatian beaches or cities your daily living and working environment, there are some points to which you should pay close attention. Read more in our Business Facts Croatia.

Folding a pocket square – A how-to

Men give their outfit that certain something when they wear a pocket square. But there are a few things to keep in mind. It depends on the occasion, which pocket square you choose and how you fold it. We explain how to fold a pocket square and when you should definitely have one with you.

Business Facts Austria - Living and working in Austria

Austria has 8.8 million inhabitants and is geographically well located: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy are among its direct neighbours. The economy grew by 3.0% in 2017. So it is time to take a closer look at Austria. We have summarized all the important information about living and working there in our Business Facts Austria.