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Business Etiquette: How to handle a business card correctly

If you think that a business card no longer matters in the age of digitization, think again. A business card is simply part of life in everyday business. When you hand out or take a business card, there are a few simple rules you should not ignore.

Business Etiquette Slovenia – What to look out for

Slovenia may seem small to you, but don’t let yourself be influenced by the geographic size of the country. Slovenians have gotten quite a bit up and running, economically speaking. The country boasts a very high per capita income and is proud of its high economic level. So be prepared in case you’re on business there. We’ve summed up the most important information for you in our Business Etiquette Slovenia.

Quiz about Europe

Do you want to test your knowledge about Europe? We have created a quiz for your, enjoy and good luck solving it.

Pomodoro Technique: How does it help and how is it used properly?

Who isn’t familiar with the daily struggle to tick off tasks on a never-ending to-do-list? Not every item on the list is equally fascinating, so it is sometimes hard to stay on task. The answer can be found in the Pomodoro Technique. It helps you to manage your time more effectively and approach work in a more focused and productive way.

Business Etiquette Italy – What to look out for

Anyone who wants to do business abroad needs to be aware of the cultural customs of that country, to avoid any potential faux-pas. We have put together some tips to help you deal confidently with your business partners in Italy.

Out-of-office message: How to set up an automated response in Outlook

A well-earned holiday, important training seminar or day out of the office: desk workers are not always available via email. So that anyone trying to reach them via this channel is notified of this fact, it is possible to set up an automated response. If IT is not your speciality, you may not know how to do this. That is why we have drawn up a step-by-step guide for users of Microsoft Outlook.

Business Etiquette for the job – the rules you should follow

Do you know how to act properly in everyday business to leave a good impression? After all, you want to win over not just the boss but also be accepted by your colleagues. Depending on the situation, you should of course behave appropriately, for example during a meeting or an external conference. Nonetheless, some rules are universal. You can read the most important of these in our business etiquette for the job.

Telephoning: Spelling out unfamiliar words on the telephone

Have you ever struggled to understand someone on the telephone? You are not alone. Ever since the start of long-distance voice communication, spelling alphabets have been used to distinguish between similar sounding letters such as ‘F’ and ‘S’. With different countries and organisations developing their own alphabets, it was not until 1969 that they were finally condensed into the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) official alphabet. Nevertheless, many of the words used more informally date back to those earlier versions.

Business Etiquette Germany – What to look out for

Especially in the world of business, there are many conventions that you should absolutely know so as not to draw negative attention to yourself at meetings and business appointments. We’ve summed up the most important aspects in our Business Etiquette Germany.

Business Etiquette Hungary – What to look out for

Hungary is viewed today as an emergent economic nation. Knowing about the attitudes and values of your Hungarian business partners can be extremely important for establishing and maintaining effective relationships to your foreign partners. In this way, you can prevent culture-related mistakes that could hinder your success. To keep you from making possible blunders, we’ve summed up some characteristics to look out for on your visit to Hungary.