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Business Etiquette Finland – what to look out for

Finland is very well developed economically, but still a relative unknown when it comes to making business deals. Nevertheless, because of its central position, it is worth winning customers in Finland. If you are planning a business trip to the Nordic land, you should be aware of some of its customs, which we have summarized for you.

Business Etiquette for conferences – What to watch out for

From time to time you may attend meetings or conferences. These are often external meetings to which managers and employees from other companies are invited. When people of different companies and positions come together, there are some things to watch out for. Don’t forget, you represent the company you work for. Learn how to behave correctly with our business etiquette for conferences.

Quiz about job interviews

Do you want to test your knowledge about job interviews? We have created a quiz for you, enjoy and good luck solving it. Maybe you can learn something while solving.

Business Etiquette in the Netherlands – What you need to know

The Dutch are famously laid back. Nevertheless, if you want to do business in the Netherlands, you should familiarize yourself with the niceties beforehand. We have put together a few important points that will keep you from putting your foot in it.

Business writing: How to open and close business correspondence

First impressions often mean the difference between success and failure. Making a good first impression is particularly challenging when communicating in writing. In business correspondence, the perfect salutation and closing engages the recipient while striking an appropriate balance between formality, friendliness and respect. We share some rules and tips for hitting the right mark, every time.

Business Etiquette Meetings – What to look out for

Meetings can be constructive and bring a project forward. They can, however, also be annoying and time consuming. Even if a meeting seems endless and boring, there are rules to which you should definitely adhere. Find out in Business Etiquette Meetings what you should never do.

Business Etiquette Poland – What to look out for

As Poland is a significant trading partner for Germany and other European countries, there are numerous contact points for business every day. Despite geographic proximity, there are a few specifics that you should know about prior to meeting. We’ve summarized several useful tips for successful communication.

Quiz about CV writing

Do you want to test your knowledge about writing a CV? We have created a quiz for you, enjoy and good luck solving it. Maybe you can learn something while solving.

Business Etiquette Norway – What to look out for

Norwegians are very open to new ideas and are considered very progressive in their approach to modern technology. Nevertheless, there are certain standards that they cling to – particularly in business life. So that you can prepare for business success with Norwegians, we have put together the most important things that you should bear in mind.

Writing a business email: what to consider

If you know how to start your business email it is time to improve your writing. There are some things you should consider. Make sure you follow these simple rules to convince your business partner or colleague. Here is what to consider when writing a business email.