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Writing a business email: How to start and finish

We all recognize the feeling of email overload; too many emails and not enough time to read them. Nevertheless, when we send an email, we want it to be read and actioned as quickly as possible. How can we format business emails to optimize the chances of that happening? Here are some tips for writing professional and effective emails.

Writing the perfect CV: Guidelines for an effective resumé

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Nowhere is this theory truer than when applying for a job. The first contact with a prospective employer is usually in writing, and a key element of any job application is the curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé which, when formulated cleverly, can do far more than merely summarize your experience and skills. We share some guidelines for writing a CV which can help to position you as the perfect candidate for the job of your dreams.

Business Etiquette Denmark: The Rules

You want to do business in Denmark? Then you should familiarize yourself with the Danish way of doing things! We have put together the most important things to remember so that you don’t drop any clangers.

Quiz about the Netherlands

Do you want to test your knowledge about the Netherlands? We have created a quiz for you, enjoy and good luck solving it.

Business Etiquette Switzerland – What to look out for

If you want to do business with partners from Switzerland, you’ll surely ask yourself if there’s anything special to pay attention to. In our business etiquette, we’ve summed up the things that you should watch out for if you come across the Swiss in business.

Business Etiquette the Czech Republic – What to look out for

You haven’t been able to make any business contacts in the Czech Republic or want to build on or foster your business contacts so far? You’ll discover what you should look out for in our Business Etiquette the Czech Republic. Although Germany is the Czech Republic’s next-door neighbour, there are several cultural differences that you should know about before your visit to the Czech Republic.

Business Etiquette for Business Meals – What to watch out for

It’s a common occurrence that a customer or business partner invites you to dinner or you invite someone yourself. What at first sounds like a nice and comfortable evening can become a disaster if you don’t behave properly. With our business etiquette for business meals, however, you’ll know precisely how to act.

Business Etiquette Austria – What to watch out for

Do you make frequent business trips to Austria or does your job involve contact with Austrians? Our business etiquette guide!

Business Etiquette Sweden – What to watch out for

Business contacts in Sweden are not to be underestimated. They can be priceless. If you follow this Business Etiquette for Sweden, you’ll be well prepared..

Business Etiquette France – What to watch out for

When companies from two countries do business together, very different cultures collide. We’ve put together several tips for you in our Business Etiquette France in case you frequently deal with the French in the near future.