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Wind power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources in Europe and the rest of the world. There are many wind farms in the north of Germany, which contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, to ensure that the wind power plants maintain their high-performance levels, the rotor blades have to be serviced and repaired on a regular basis. WKA Blade Service GmbH with headquarters in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, offers professional repair and maintenance services for wind power plants. With innovative equipment, skilled employees and a commitment to quality, the company works for leading wind turbine operators.

Patented technology based on many years of experience: The company has developed its own innovative working platform

Industrial services are becoming more and more important for companies. The ROBUR Industry Service Group is a leading market player in the industry, uniting several businesses in the industrial services sector. With the acquisition of WKA Blade Service GmbH, the group is one step closer to its strategic goal of providing its customers with industry-leading services.

“We are a high-quality service provider,” states Managing Director Kyriakos Kosmidis. “Europe is our main market. Service, maintenance and predictive maintenance are very important for our customers. With the ROBUR Group, we have a very strong holding. However, we want to become a leading independent service provider working globally.”

WKA Blade Service GmbH can draw on many years of experience in its sector. The company was founded in 1994, at a time when renewable energies and wind power plants were beginning to become an alternative to fossil resources. The service provider’s first customers were operators of wind farms in northern Germany and Enercon GmbH, Germany’s leading producer of wind power plants.

“Today, we benefit from this experience and the great databases which have been developed over the years,” says Frauke Bungart, responsible for business development and sales. “We are still a strong Enercon partner, but we plan to expand our business. We have already won big tenders, for instance, for GE and RWE.”

WKA Blade Service works with state-of-the-art technologies such as thermographic cameras

Since the acquisition by the ROBUR Group, the expansion of the business has been a strong focus. To be able to grow further in the market, the company has invested in new staff and training measures, and further developed its business strategy, expanding the service portfolio.

WKA Blade is able to offer maintenance and repair services in every position of the rotor blades

WKA Blade’s core business is the maintenance and repair of rotor blades using epoxy and polyester, which needs a minimum temperature of 15°C to cure. “Our USP is a special working platform that we have developed by ourselves over the years,” points out Mr. Kosmidis. “We use a patented and innovative technology which we have designed based on our many years of experience. This allows us to repair any defects on rotor blades quickly and safely.”

To be able to offer maintenance and repair services in months when the temperature is below 15°C, the company has also developed a working platform complete with a tent and heating. In addition, the firm works with innovative technologies such as thermographic cameras to be able to offer high-quality services. Expanding the seasonal business is an important factor of the new strategy.

WKA Blades works closely with wind turbine producers to expand its portfolio, and uses big data, for instance, a database of all damage the company has repaired in the last 25 years. “Our aim is to become an independent service provider,” explains Ms. Bungart. “We also follow our customers abroad and will significantly increase our export activities. As ROBUR Wind, we aim to become one of the top five independent service providers in Europe.”

WKA Blade Service GmbH
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